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We're The Grade - the UK's new consumer champion. You can learn more about our mission here, but in short we're here to top people getting ripped off and to guide them on their way to building wealth.

We're always producing our own original, well-researched news stories that fight against consumer unfairness. Whether it be the excessive cost of hospital parking, the declining rate of ATMs or reducing the cost of retail trading, we are constantly fighting for financial fairness.

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If you have any media enquries just drop us a line using press@thegrade.com. Our spokesperson is our founder, Nick Barber, and he'll be happy to give you a quick turnaround on a media quote on pretty much any consumer issue.

Please note that we won't respond to customer service questions. If you have such an enquiry please write to us using help@thegrade.com.

Alternatively if you're just here looking for our logo you can down our logo then you can do access it using this link.

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