Welcome to The Grade.

Our mission is to make investing open to as many people as possible so that they achieve financial freedom.

We have a simple aim here at The Grade - to empower people to start investing with confidence.

However, too many are put off from taking the plunge by current economic circumstances and stuffy, seemingly impenetrable financial coverage that excludes them. That's where we come in.

The problem we want to fix

The old dream of getting a good job, getting safely on the property ladder and accumulating wealth over the long-term has gone. Younger generations are facing spiralling housing costs, a cost of living crisis and wage increases that have been far below those of older generations.

The statistics...
The percentage of people in the UK who have less than £200 in savings.
7 x
The ratio of the average house price to average earnings. This was 2.8x in the 90s*.
The percentage of baby boomers that are millionaires*. This figure is growing each year.

Many are stuck paying too high mortgage costs or, even worse, paying off their landlord's mortgage for them.

Nobody is helping this generation to achieve financial freedom. Schools don't teach financial literacy so there isn't a solid base for people to learn from.

Meanwhile, traditional finance publications are publishing thousands of complicated articles a day. Even if you can find the right voice to listen to, it can be difficult to understand what they are saying.

The solution

Let's create a new wave of smart investors.

People need to know they can have a stake in the economy, and this has to shift from owning real estate to owning companies through shares.

This doesn't have to be a lot of money - trading costs have reduced dramatically and new trading platforms don't have the same minimum deposit limits as older providers.

This doesn't have to be super risky - while there is always a risk with investing, ETFs mean you can instantly tap in to a diversified portfolio with minimal work and costs.

Where we come in

There are two things we do (and we think we do them pretty well).


Platform reviews

There has been an explosion trading platforms. Some have massively reduced costs while offering exceptional user experiences. Some others are lemons. We help you pick the right one for. We promise we will always be impartial, we promise we will always be straight talking.


Roundups of share tips and financial news

We cut through the noise with our round-ups of what the best financial analysts are tipping as the hot stocks to buy...and the ones to avoid.

How to get in touch

We love hearing from our readers - so if you have a question about anything related don't hesitate to get in touch. You can find all our details on our contact us page.

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