Cashless Constituencies: The ATM Report

The pandemic hastened the decline of cash in many households with online shopping becoming the norm.

However, as the cost of living crisis bites, cash use is back on the increase. Many Brits are finding it simpler to monitor and control their budgets by dealing in notes and coins. The Post Office, for example, reported that it handled £3.45 billion in cash across its counters in August – the highest since its records began. Similarly, the Bank of England’s recent report, Knocked down during lockdown: the return of cash, highlighted that cash use remains essential for many groups.

There is a problem though. The last 5 years have seen a growing trend for ATM closures, leaving many (including the vulnerable) without easy access to cash. The UK is now filled with “cash deserts”.

We have used House of Commons Library and ONS data to highlight this issue across the country: