Today in 2 minutes: Starboard gets into Autodesk, Boeing messes up again

Here are the biggest headlines in 2 minutes.

Here is your daily 2-minute round-up of the most interesting financial news:

  • China is surpassing the U.S. in nuclear power. Although the U.S. currently has larger capacity, China is catching up quickly and is set to overtake it within the next decade.
  • An investigation has been launched after a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 dropped 'within 400ft' of the Pacific Ocean. Boeing's new CEO, once appointed, will have a challenging task ahead. The Wall Street Journal has reported that several high-profile candidates, including GE boss Larry Culp, have declined the position.
  • Activist investor Starboard Value has acquired a $500 million stake in AutoDesk and is calling for changes to the company's board, claiming a recent investigation "makes clear the extent to which the company misled shareholders." They also argue for improved margins and profitability. The share price jumped 5.2% on the news.
  • Apple is going to stop offering Apple Pay Later.
  • Google's CEO Sundar Pichai has been testifying in the case concerning the failed startup Ozy Media. He denied claims by Ozy Media co-founder Carlos Watson that Google ever considered buying the media company. Early investors in Ozy Media included Laurene Powell Jobs, the billionaire widow of Steve Jobs.

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