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9 /10

Gear Lab found the Weber Go Anywhere to be a simple and effective charcoal BBQ, but not one without its drawbacks. A lack of cooking area was the main sticking point due in part to its portable design, but performance was good enough to make it the recommended option for a portable charcoal BBQ. There’s not much in the way of fancy features, but it is a solid, well-designed product.

10 /10

Food Fire Friends highly recommend the Go Anywhere, calling it a very well-designed and built portable BBQ. The legs which double up as a lid lock particularly impressed and the only downsides were made in favour of portability such as the lack of a cast iron grid and there not being a lot of space under the lid for larger food items such as a whole chicken.

What users say

05 Mar 2020

10 /10

Very satisfied.
This is our second Weber® Go-Anywhere® Charcoal Grill after our first one lasted about 10 years. Easy to assemble. Easy to use and to clean.

04 Mar 2020

10 /10

Quality portable bbq
The bbq has been used in anger twice since purchasing and has exceeded my expectations. It easily coped with a family group of 6 adults and three children and as long as diners are happy to eat in shifts it was great. We had eight burgers on the grill with room to spare. It dealt easily with burgers, sausages and chicken and I was surprised at how little smoke it produced with the lid closed. I would recommend the Webber compact chimney as it can be used to decant the hot coals before packing away allowing the body of the bbq to cool quickly.

20 Jul 2019

10 /10

Portable BBQ
Portable BBQ Although there are cheaper bbq's on the market this is a solidly built bbq, and it is truly portable, fits neatly in the back of the car and its carrying handle makes it easy to transport. Will do enough burgers, sausages etc for 4 people. The fold down legs prevent scorching of surface set up on, and hold the lid securely in place while carrying. Can't fault it, although I wouldn't use it for larger items, such as whole chickens.

09 Jul 2019

8 /10

Excellent Portable BBQ
We have been very pleased with this BBQ. Weber are known for making high-quality BBQ products and this is no exception. My only concern was that the charcoal shelf bent under the intense heat. But we used more charcoal briquettes than recommended so I can only assume this is user-error! It bent back without any issues. Having a lid makes a big difference as it allows the BBQ to be used as an oven as well as a grill. Maximising lid on time can reduce cooking times and ensure food is cooked properly. The legs to raise off the ground also help make this compliant for campsites who usually specify this as a condition of using. All in all very pleased.

06 Jun 2019

10 /10

Great portable charcoal grill

22 Aug 2018

10 /10

Great Grill
Best charcoal grill. Small... convenient.... easy to clean (due to size).

11 Jul 2018

8 /10

The size and material seems fine, but a bit light.

15 Jun 2016

10 /10

27 years later still going strong.....Fantastic bbq
have decided to write a review of this bbq as no one else had. We were given this bbq as a first wedding anniversary present and can say after 27 years of constant use it is still going strong. I take it camping and caravanning wherever we go. I have had to replace the charcoal cooking grill and coal bed but only last year. Mine is the original wooden handled version but otherwise all is the same. I have cooked for as many as 8 people in one go and have even done a small leg of lamb on it. It never lets me down. The vents in the front and back go the length of the bbq and ventilation can be adjusted to suit the conditions and are more than adequate and you also have the two controllable ventilation dials at the top of the bbq as well together with being able to tilt or rest the lid on the back of the bbq. The advice I would give you is that it does get very hot on the underside and so I went to a builders merchant and got an off cut of fire board (just ask for fire protection board) to put underneath resting on two bits of 2x2 and this stops killing the grass every time you use it. Once it has cooled down store it out of the wet in a bag if camping and you will get years of use out of it. You can probably guess I am delighted with mine. I do also have a 57cm kettle bbq at home but don't be use it much as it too big and would have preferred the 47cm version. Anyway I prefer to use this one every time. It packs up like a tool box with the legs over the lid and so you can easily transport it in the boot of a car and we have carried it down to the beech many times in Cornwall for sunset bbq's. Looking at the comments on the smokey Joe I would go for this one because the ventilation is so much better. It looks like the smokey Joe only has two ventilation holes on one side which would make it difficult to use? You will not go wrong with this one at all. Highly recommended.. But I did wait 27 years test it properly.

19 Mar 2016

10 /10

1st class compact BBQ
This is an excellent, compact, portable BBQ. Weber just do it so well. We also have a 52cm free stander for the garden. Bought his when we had less room but now, mainly use it for camping and the beach. These cook best using the Weber 'indirect' method (fully explained in the user booklet) and cider or beer + herbs in a tin tray in the middle adds greatly to the flavour.bwe have had great success slow roasting quite large joints of meat. Caution: Be wary of overheating it as it is possible to distort the charcoal rack. Best to use small amounts and replenish using a (mini) chimney starter. Overall highly recommended. Bought my son one for Christmas.