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As far as awkward and boring tasks go, flossing is right up there with the worst of them, so anything that claims to make it easier and faster sounds fantastic to me. The Waterpik WP120 is one the most popular models from this specialist manufacturer and while it may not be cheap or small it is an excellent addition to your dental hygiene ritual.

Big time flosser

One of the first things likely to strike you about the Waterpik WP120 is the size of it. Compared with things like electric toothbrushes – or pretty much any other gadget you might have in the bathroom – it’s big, so unless you’ve got a shelf or an exceptionally large sink it may be a struggle to find a place for it.

The size of it does lend a feeling of dentistry equipment to it, which is only compounded if you open the lid and see the range of heads for the flosser laid out – but don’t be concerned, none of them drill.

Waterpik WP120 head storagePlenty in the tank

It’s dominated by a large water tank which is easy to fill by just lifting it off the unit and putting it under the tap. This is thanks to a valve on the bottom so you are able to do this without fear of it leaking while you move it around and to reattach it you simply put it back in its cradle.

The size of the tank is a real bonus over other flossers on the market, particularly handheld models, and means you won’t have to keep stopping to refill it during use.

Waterpik WP120 water flosserLoud and proud

Turning it on may bring back comparisons with the dentist as it is very loud. While ultimately I don’t think this is a major issue, it’s definitely too loud to use if you are using it in an en-suite bathroom and someone is trying to sleep in the next room.

It’s very easy to use with a switch on the main unit and a dial to control the water pressure, as well as a pause flow button on the handpiece which I found to be invaluable. There are a few tricks for getting the best out of it – I found you can never get your head too close to the sink when using it to avoid spraying water everywhere – but ultimately it boils down to putting it in your mouth and turning it on.

Waterpik suggests you start on the lowest pressure and work your way up to what you are comfortable with. While this will be very much down to personal taste the highest setting was very strong and it seemed to do more than a good enough job around the 6 or 7 mark.

Extra heads

Waterpik WP120 extra headsThe standard head seems to do a very good job but it comes with 5 extra heads aimed at a range of tasks. As well as a toothbrush-like head and a tongue cleaner, there’s also a fine pick head and 2 other heads with slightly different shaped brushes. Whether or not you will get a better result with one head or another is difficult to judge without long term use, but it at least gives you a chance to see if you find one head more comfortable to use than another.


It’s not particularly cheap at around $70 but compared with a lot of electric toothbrushes, or heaven forbid dentist bills from a lack of flossing, it’s very reasonably priced – especially as it’s easy to share with the easy to switch extra heads.

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A fantastic device for making flossing quick and easy
Quick and easy to use
Large water tank
Range of extra heads
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