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The ViewSonic VX2776-SMHD is a 27-inch monitor that looks much more expensive than its $180 price tag. By getting rid of the plastic edges and making it razor thin, ViewSonic is really leading the way in mid-range screen design.

With such lovely looks you might think ViewSonic would skimp on the picture, but the monitor does not disappoint in this department either, with an accurate Full HD image that is great for standard use and more than adequate for the casual gamer.


The centerpiece of the design of the ViewSonic VX2776-SMHD is its borderless screen around the top and sides. Like with Apple’s iMac and certain TVs this gives you a much more expansive experience. While there is a black edge around the display, the lack of plastic really makes you feel like the screen is much more open.

The 27-inch screen sits on top of a silver bezel and a triangular brushed aluminum stand that add to the eye-catching looks. However, the stand is not height adjustable which meant a member of our review team had to position it on a book to get the right eye level height.    viewsonic vx2776-smhd standThe side of the screen is also impressive, coming in at just 0.26 inches at its widest point (no that isn’t a typo). In profile, it really does look stunning.viewsonic vx2776-smhd sideWe haven’t come across a better looking monitor for less than $180.

Picture Performance

The monitor is Full HD – meaning you will be able to get all the detail of HD content, but not of newer 4K content. However, that would be a real ask for this price bracket and, in any case, 4k content is currently very limited.

It has a 4ms response rate. This is absolutely fine for office work and probably serviceable for most gamers. However, if you’re an avid gamer who is looking to play a frantic first person shooter then you might want to upgrade to a more expensive model if you have the cash.

Colour accuracy is well above the average, though we found it was best to adjust the standard color settings to get a more vibrant intensity.

There are a couple of other picture features of note. You can put the monitor into “Low Input Lag” mode – useful for gamers – and the screen features flicker-free technology which will help if you tend to feel a strain on your eyes when staring at the computer for a little while.

Other Features

The monitor comes with just the standard selection of ports round the back – DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA. It also has a headphone jack which can be used to plug in headphones or speakers. This can be quite handy as the built in speakers give only a bog standard monitor sound – OK for the occasional YouTube video, but they sound too tinny when playing music. viewsonic vx2776-smhd backIt weighs 3.7 kg.

The monitor also lacks a VESA mount, which seems like a bit of an oversight – but given how thin the stand is, we think it will still sit conveniently on a desk no matter the number and setup of monitors.

The On Screen Display (OSD) options are fairly extensive. The OSD buttons are located on the bottom right-hand side of the monitor and pressing these gives you quick access to adjusting brightness, contrast etc. We have seen elsewhere that people found these buttons to be a little stiff, but we encountered no such difficulty. Thorugh the ViewMode menu you also get the option to disable the power indicator.


ViewSonic VX2776-SMHD
A fantastic monitor for sub $180 that is sure to turn heads.
Beautiful design
Great picture
Not height adjustable
Best Price