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7 /10

Good Housekeeping liked the Veggie Bullets ability to slice, spiralize and shred ingredients quickly and found it easy to use. The sturdy base made it feel secure although the addition of a handle could have helped this. It is also fairly bulky and the lack of storage for attachments means it takes up a lot of space when not in use.

7 /10

Chefs Resource found the Veggie Bullet easy to use and clean thanks to dishwasher-friendly parts. It was quick and efficient at processing ingredients, although there was concern that some things would need to be pre-cut to fit inside the blender. The price was also a sticking point, with it costing more than some rival products.

8 /10

Epicurious was impressed with the performance of the Veggie Bullet but did encounter issues when cleaning it. Food would occasionally get stuck in the spout and sometimes a skewer was needed to get out debris from other crevices within the appliance. While not necessarily a deal-breaker, this was frustrating.

What users say

10 /10

Iā€™m delighted with my new machine it works just like it says on the box, It has made preparing food very easy, I just have got to get all the attachment for it now , First class.

8 /10

I have replaced my manual spiralizer with this as I have difficulty winding the handle due to arthritis and shoulder surgery. I love spiraled vegies and have eaten them for many years (over 25). However, With my dexterity problems the need to change the bowls as well as the blades is a disadvantage.

4 /10

Too bulky very expensive as I bought on line I didn't see the size of it I thought it would be like my nutri bullet but it's massive . The spiraliser part is useless as where you feed it in is too small and only makes short stands. I've gone back to my manual one. I would say its probably okay if you are doing lots of shredding etc for two people it's not worth the money. Wish I hadn't bought it.