Vax Steam Fresh Power Plus S84 W7 P Steam Mop Review

Vax Steam Fresh Power Plus S84 W7 P Steam Mop
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8 /10

"The Vax Steam Fresh Power Plus is a decent multifunctional steam cleaner that’s let down by a few flaws. While hard floor and carpet cleaning is great, especially with the use of the detergent, it struggled to get rid of grime on wall surfaces."

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8 /10

"A little fiddly to use for some jobs, the ability to add detergent makes the Vax SteamFresh Power Plus S84-W7-P a real powerhouse for some jobs."

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What users say

31 Mar 2021

9 /10

Pros: Steam blast for stubborn marks, ease of switching to detergent and wall mount.
Cons: the electric cord although plenty long enough is too stiff for easy rewinding. The water tank could be bigger.

22 Mar 2021

10 /10

Pros: This steamer is very powerful. With its steam jets I feel confident the steamer is cleaning the floors and removing dirt.
Cons: Reviewer left no comment

18 Mar 2021

10 /10

Pros: Very easy to use . Results are amazing . Refresh carpets. Clean bathroom tiles etc . Its really good .
Cons: None

17 Mar 2021

7 /10

Pros: Good steamer with detergent.
Cons: Heavy as a handheld unit.

28 Sep 2020

7 /10

Pros: It’s more powerful than my previous Vax Steam Mop let’s hope it lasts longer.
Cons: Top heavy can easily topple over.

12 Aug 2020

10 /10

4th steam mop ok
Item best buy on Which magazine. 1st steam mop did not take fluid from detergent chamber. 2nd steam mop did not steam correctly and spluttered out water. 3rd steam mop was 2nd mop I sent back as faulty. 4th mop works very well is great. Draw back is it does not stand up on its own so a bracket is supplied. Quality control is poor

23 Jun 2020

10 /10

Best mop over last 12 years
We have had several steam mops over the last 12 years and so far this one is the best to use

03 Jan 2020

10 /10

Excellent multi-purpose steam mop
Bought this to replace the previous model, this one is even better than the last. It is easy to use and exceptionally good at cleaning a tiled kitchen floor in next to no time - so quick and easy that it is used very regularly. Wouldn’t be without it and would recommend anyone looking for a steam mop/ multi-cleaner to give this one serious consideration, it’s worth every penny.

24 Oct 2018

6 /10

Too heavy for me.
Looks to be a good quality product. Unfortunately for me, as the water tank is situated within the handle area, I found it too heavy for my wrist joint to manage with ease. I have needed to return it and purchased a lighter model.

08 Feb 2017

8 /10

A steam mop product which actually works
I really didn't have high hopes for this mop. I've tried numerous steamers which make wild claims and not one of them has ever done what it claims to. This steam mop actually does what it claims. The mop cleaned my entire tiled kitchen floor and completely cleaned & sterilised my hardwood floors. It was easy to use, and 1 full tank was enough for the whole lot, with water and detergent left over! The only reason i'm not giving it 5 stars is it doesn't magically whiten tile grout as implied

05 Jan 2017

10 /10

steam cleaner is great
recommend vax steam cleaner to easy to use & so many different uses.

17 May 2016

8 /10

Great product with one flaw
Great product, lots of steam etc, but why cant it stand on its own? having to leave it leaning on items only to watch it fall is a bit of a pain.

09 Feb 2016

2 /10

Very unlike VAX to be poor
The wife wanted a steamer, read a few reviews on other websites & went for this. After about 10minutes of use the bristles on the hand attachment melted. Also want impressed with the pressure or amount of steam generated. Only thing it did do was brighten up some chrome work. No good on grouting or porcelain. Don't be sucked in by the price reduction, there's a reason it's reduced.