Vax Steam Clean Multi S85 CM Steam Mop Review

Vax Steam Clean Multi S85 CM Steam Mop
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8 /10

"We were pleased with how this Vax steam mop performed across our rigorous tests, scoring very highly right across the board. It scored just shy of top marks on our gas hob cleaning test, and we found it cleaned cooked-on food deposits quickly with minimal effort. When it came to cleaning the oven, it did eventually remove the food residues, however it took almost 20 minutes of continuous cleaning!"

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What users say

11 Mar 2021

8 /10

Adequate steamer
Pros Lots of useful attachments Can clean hard floors and carpets (removed red wine from my carpet) Can clean soft furnishings Lightweight and easy to use Cons The squeegee attachment for windows doesn’t stay attached and therefore useless. Pressure could be a little more with the steam for stubborn oven stains

05 Sep 2020

4 /10

Disappointing lifespan
Well, loved it for the first year but it no longer works to full capacity, now only producing a pathetic amount of steam now - so again cleaning the floor is a slow process. At first I thought it was the thicker floor pads I’d purchased from Vax but no the steam output has definitely dropped. It can’t be limescale as I don’t use it that often I can only assume it’s a heater element...It no longer makes so much noise heating up. I would imagine the warranty is only a year...?

12 Feb 2020

8 /10

It works fantastically and cleans through grime.
Love the way it cuts through dirt and finishes off with a shine, but it your floors are extra dirty the longer you steam your floor gets soaked and it takes ages to dry or you have to wipe it yourself. In general it does its job, the steam spray cleaner is very good for cookers etc. It worth the money with a range of different functions.

22 Jan 2020

10 /10

Excellent value for money
Very good value for money. Easy to use and the mop heats up very quickly. Very impressed with all the attachments despite having read some reviews previously saying they were difficult to interchange. I didn’t find this but would encourage reading the instructions before use to ensure they are attached correctly. Really happy with the product and makes mopping breezy. Would recommend.

15 Jan 2020

8 /10

My Dad was over the moon, I know....
After the one my father had previously owned for a few years dying, he dropped a few subtle as a brick hints he would 'love' a replacement. So I picked this one up as it's was as close to the one he was used to that I could find. Well I can't say I have ever seen anyone, man or woman, so chuffed after steam cleaning the floor, then the bathroom tiles, the floor again... these oldies right? Suffice to say based on my father's wealth of experience, it does a good job for a fair price.

22 May 2019

8 /10

It’s getting steamy.
‘Utter filth’, ‘disgusting’, ‘can’t believe it’s in my home’. Just some of the things I said after using this steam mop for the first time. Having just moved into a new house I needed to sterilise it of other’s dirt ready to implant my own. This did the trick, no chemicals needed and it comes apart to steam the parts you’d never thought you’d get clean. Wrist got sore after a while though hence the four stars. My fault really it was so much fun to use I couldn’t stop.

07 Jul 2018

8 /10

Really Good
I bought this because I was originally looking for a handheld steamer to clean my sofa, this was only a little bit more expensive so decided on this. I was put off by some bad reviews but I decided to go for anyway. Glad I did. Cleans my floors, carpets and sofa lovely, doesn't leave floors/upholstery soaking wet, so they dry nice and quickly. Good amount of steam from it. It's easy to use, handy to store away and nice and light to use.

21 Feb 2017

8 /10

Not cheap and nasty, the opposite.
This Val, is by far the best value for money item in my cleaning cupboard. Does everything I need in my large flat. From carpet stains, harwood floor Kitchen sinks, Cooker and Bathroom. All for under £50 .... Attachments are easy to change nt difficult at all. The separated mode is so light even I can use it anywhere, and I'm disabled!.... Great piece of kit.

25 Oct 2016

4 /10

Very disappointed
Pros - if you have plenty of strength to push the various attachments into the main steamer then results are good. Plenty of steam, floors left clean, streak free & fast drying. Cons - attachments very difficult to push on & to remove them after use,so difficult it split 2 'o'rings where they fit into the steamer. Returned for replacement and same thing happened. Returned this and tried another replacement instore but couldn't even attach any of the attachments so requested refund. Bad design.