A great way of making a regular desk adjustable to a range of heights, the ProPlus 36 from Varidesk allows you to quickly switch from sitting to standing and back again in seconds without a lot of effort. It’s a sturdy, fantastically-built desk that you can have confidence in.

Sitting down all day is definitely not good for you. While this may not come as big news if you’re in an office job you’re left with little choice, unless that is you get a standing desk. The Varidesk ProPlus 36 can transform a regular desk into a standing desk, while also folding down so it can still be used as a regular desk.

It’s more than large enough to hold two monitors, or a laptop and additional monitor, on the upper level and a keyboard and mouse on the lower level. This double-level design also makes it a better desk when you are sitting down, although it is worth noting that the keyboard isn’t independently adjustable as it can be on some similar products.

Varidesk ProPlus 36 sittingSetup is extremely easy as it comes fully constructed, you just need to remove the packing and place it on the desk you want to use. You then press down and lift both handles on the side and it lifts.

Spring loaded

By using a spring system it is very easy to lift and moves up and down smoothly. It actually needs more effort to lower it than raise it as you are working against the spring, but it’s not difficult in either direction and you won’t need a lot of strength.

Varidesk ProPlus 36 standing deskWhile the desk easily moves up and down it is worth checking how your cables are organised as quickly lifting the desk to a height the cables won’t stretch would be a very bad idea. Thankfully, the desk does come with 5 velcro cable cinches to help organise your leads and keep them away from the moving parts, although that won’t help if your monitor power cable doesn’t reach the highest setting.

Unlike some other standing desks it doesn’t just move up and down but also forward and back. This means when it is at its full height it pushes out from the desk. While this is unlikely to be an issue for most people, as it still doesn’t take up more space than a chair would, it is something to keep in mind if space is at a premium.

Build quality

It’s well built and feels sturdy even at its full height and leaning forward. It has 11 different height settings that it can snap into so will be suitable for most people, although you may find it a little short if you are a lot over 6ft – unless you are placing it on a high desk in the first place.

There is a slight wobble to the desk but it isn’t a major issue and at no point did it feel unstable or like it couldn’t support the weight we put on it. Varidesk says it is suitable up to a weight of 35lbs (15.8kg) so should be more than enough for most desk setups.

It is available in either black or white.


At over £350 it’s not overly expensive, although as you will also need a desk to place it on in the first place comparing it with full standing desks moves it into the slightly more expensive bracket. There are standing desks options available cheaper, although when it comes to buying a desk that will be supporting expensive computers and monitors we’re not keen on scrimping on price if the quality drops.


The ProPlus 36 is an excellent way of giving you a flexible working space that you can easily switch up in a matter of seconds. It’s not cheap and if you’re starting from scratch it will be cheaper to look at dedicated adjustable desks, but if you already have a desk you are happy with and would love to be able to convert it into a standing desk then this is a fantastic option.

A great solution for turning a regular desk into a standing one
Easy to adjust height
Needs a desk to place it on