Tory MPs Lash Out at “Aggressive Gays”

Edward Leigh MP

Ed’s not mad about gay marriage, he’s just always this red.

Presumably bored of their back room insults about gay people being fey feminine types, the Tories are now shouting about the aggressive gay community that threatens to force itself upon society.

Speaking in last night’s gay marriage debate Sir Gerald Howarth (yes, he’s been made a knight of the realm) said:

I fear the playing field is not being levelled. I believe the pendulum is swinging so far the other way, and there are plenty in the aggressive homosexual community who see this as but a stepping stone to something even further.

He never explained what he meant by “further”, probably due to fear of being sectioned.

A similar sentiment was expressed by Edward Leigh who took the old man in a pub vibe even further, warning of a general conspiracy as:

outlandish views of the 1980s…have now become embedded in high places

and that those:

who disagree with these views are treated with hatred and contempt in order to marginalise their point of view.

Yes, let’s get back to the halcyon days of the 80s when you could call a queer a queer etc.

While Mr Leigh’s concern that people not be treated with contempt is admirable, his voting record suggests his concern only goes one way as he:

  • Voted against repealing Section 28 that banned teachers ever saying homosexuality could be a normal relationship
  • Voted against equalising the age of consent between gay and straight couples
  • Voted against gay people being able to adopt
  • Voted against civil partnerships

David Lammy on the other hand argued that teachers should not be able to teach opposition to gay marriage, likening it to the notices for “No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs” that used to be fairly commonplace.

No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs

Edward Leigh’s preferred B&B

The MPs will argue they were representing their local party members’ views. It is a shame then that David Cameron had to row back from comments of his adviser calling such people “mad, swivel eyed loons” and praise such members today, saying “(t)ime and again, Conservative activists like you stand for duty, decency and civic pride”…and homophobia and racism.