Tory MP Claims He Knows What Zero Hour Contracts Are Like Because He Was A (£250 An Hour) Barrister

I am not going to attack local authorities, whether Liberal, Conservative or Labour, which have utilised them in the past and continue to do so.

This was what Tory MP Guy Opperman had to say to Parliament last week on the issue of zero hour contracts. Why is he so lenient on such practices? Well because he has direct experience of them working as a 250 quid an hour barrister.

A shocked Alison McGovern was quick off the mark to give him an opportunity to refine his comments and show some empathy. He decided to reiterate his own plight.

Interestingly Mr Opperman seemed unable to see the fundamental difference between his own self employed position and the position of someone with a low paid contract of employment that gives no guarantee of work – proving he isn’t one of the sharpest MPs and ironically that in his case a genuine zero hour contact would be quite suitable.

Later, when Alison McGovern’s face had reset from the shock of Mr Opperman’s “poor me” comments, she said:

I’d love him to tell low-paid care workers on zero hours that their lives are like a barrister’s…Perhaps he can bring his gown and wig just to show how out of touch these Tories are.