The Best Theory of How Breaking Bad Will End – Breaking Bad Predictions

Breaking Bad

Having spent the last 3 weeks reading predictions for the end of breaking bad such as “it’s all a prequel to Malcolm in the Middle” and “Walt will cure his own cancer with ricin”, I’ve finally come across one that makes sense in a BIG WAY.

The theory revolves around Walter White’s tendency to pick up the characteristics of those he kills. Think it’s crazy..then look at these examples:

1) When Walt Kills Crazy 8, he starts to cut the crusts off his own bread.

2) After he kills Gale we see Walt drinking coffee from his lab equipment.

3) Walt runs over the two dealers who were using a child (Andrea’s brother) for their own means. He then goes on to use Brock.

4) Gus folds and puts down a towel when he is about to throw up the drugs he took to trick Don Eladio. We later see Walt do almost exactly the same thing in Blood Money.

Gus Throwing Up


Walt Throwing Up


Also before killing Gus walt drove a Pontiac Aztec. Later on we see him driving a volvo like Gus.

5) In one scene Walt asked for a straight drink from Mike. After Mike’s death we see Walt asking for a drink on the rocks from Hank.


Well we have seen Walt in the future in a Denny’s restaurant eating a grand slam and arranging his bacon into his new age of 52. After their RV broke down in the desert Jesse suggested they go to Denny’s for a grand slam and of course and Skyler arranges Walt’s bacon into his age on his birthdays.

Walt’s clothes are also quite reminiscent of Jesse in the future scenes.

Jesse and Walt Green Coat

Vince Gilligan has suggested major characters will die before the end of the show. Could Walt kill Skyler and Jesse? Are these the traits he picks up?