A rugged iPad case built to military standards, the Dux case from STM will give your tablet heavyweight protection, although it is certainly hefty in more ways than one.

While iPads can’t quite be considered delicate, they are more than susceptible to damage from the odd drop so a case is a good idea, particularly if you’re planning on taking your tablet out and about. The Dux from Australian brand STM claims to provide best in class protection using hard wearing materials and clever design.

STM Dux ipad case back

The headline feature of the Dux case is its military spec drop resistance. This means an iPad in the case must be able to go through 26 drops from a height of 4 feet without losing any of its operating functions – although the Dux has actually been tested with drops from 6.6 feet. It is worth noting that this only applies to protecting the working functions rather than cosmetic damage but we feel the case provides a decent level of protection for both.

STM Dux iPad case open


The case has a hard clear polycarbonate back so you can still see any personalization/scan a work-related barcode/show people it is an iPad not a cheaper tablet etc. A softer rubberized TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is used to reinforce the corners and hold the tablet in place and a polyurethane folding cover is used to allow easy access to the screen as well as provide some spill resistance to the iPad.

The cover has a magnetic clasp to hold it in place and folds into a stand you can use to prop up the screen high for viewing or low for typing. We found the stand very flimsy at first as the catches on the back of the case are very small, but if you use the magnetic section of the cover to lock it in place it gives it enough stability to stay in place.

STM Dux iPad case stand

Build quality

The case is very well built and really does feel like it’s going to provide a lot of protection, thanks in part to the weightiness of the case. The downside of this, of course, is that it really makes a noticeable difference to the weight as the Dux weighs 0.6 lbs (a standard iPad weighs around 1 lb). It doesn’t make it too heavy to carry around, but if you are used to using the tablet without a case it will be obviously heavier.

There are cutaways in the case to prevent it interfering with features like the camera and speakers as well as allowing you to plug in chargers and headphones. All the buttons are usable with flexible sections on the cover.

STM Dux iPad case buttons

It is available in black, red or blue and is available in sizes for the iPad generations 1-6, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 1-4.


Costing around $26 it is at the expensive end of the scale for tablet cases but it does provide a lot more protection than just screen cover type products. There are cases with similar specs that cost around this or more so it does seem well priced.


Depending on what you will be using your tablet for, or how much you appreciate the clean design of the tablet as it is, will decide whether this tablet is worth it. If you are using it out and about, or it is being used by a whole family it could be a very good investment in preventing buying a replacement tablet. As a heavyweight case, it does a very good job of not interfering with the functionality of the tablet and is as sympathetic as it can be without not covering the bits it needs to.

Great protection
Good build quality
Doubles as a stand