The USB Type C revolution has been fantastic but it’s unlikely all your devices have taken the leap at once, while you can buy adaptors this can be bulky and they are easily lost. This memory card reader from StarTech includes a USB Type C and Type A connector at each end, allowing you to switch between the two types seamlessly and avoid carrying around a load of extra cables.

The big advantage of using a memory card reader over connecting individual products directly to your laptop or computer is that you won’t need to keep a load of different cables around (or have to spend time working out which one goes with each) instead just eject the card and stick it in the slot of the reader and then connect it through either USB port to your computer.

StarTech SD and MicroSD memory card reader USB CThe card reader doesn’t need any specific drivers to be installed to read the memory card – although if the files on the card are saved in a specific way in the first place you may need certain software to read it, but nothing more than you would need connecting via cable. It’s simply a plug and play system and worked immediately, reading both the SD and microSD cards we tested it with without any difficulty at all.

StarTech SD and MicroSD memory card readerSpeed

It supports the USB 3.0 standard so can transfer data at 5Gbit/s when connected to compatible devices. This means you will be able to download photos or write new files onto memory cards a lot faster.

It’s a well-designed reader with not a lot of embellishments but a small, functional design which is all you would want from a memory card reader. Each end has a USB connector and a separate cap that snaps on the end in a firm way, assuaging worries of losing them.

StarTech USB A and C memory card reader SD and MicroSD slotsPrice

At around £12 it is reasonably priced, especially as the USB C functionality adds an element of future proofing. It is possible to pick up some other readers with both types of ports, which occasionally go on sale for a little cheaper, but often these tend to be USB 2.0 so won’t be able to transfer files as quickly.


The StarTech MicroSD/SD card reader is a well made memory card reader available for a decent price with both USB A and C connectors. It performed well in testing and would suit anyone looking to cut some cables from their life.

Fast USB 3.0 transfer rates
Type A and C compatible
Small and well-built
Could lose the caps