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pushchair expert logo

8 /10

Push Chair Expert loves the classic Silver Cross design and attention to detail. The seat position is nice and high, the handle adjusts and the suspension is top-notch. However, it is a big pram which makes it hard to manoeuvre and it won't fold down small.

made for mums logo

9 /10

Made For Mums disagreed and thought the Wave was actually quite easy to steer. There was agreement on the premium design and adjustable handlebar being real plus points. The quick conversion to a double buggy and the overnight cot function also stood out. However, it is expensive and can get very long when used for two children (which makes it difficult to see your kids).

mother and baby logo

10 /10

Mother and Baby loved the Wave so much that it awarded it a Gold Award. Naturally, it got 5 stars. The reviewers agreed it was easy to steer.

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