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Shark S6005UK Steam Cleaner
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8 /10

The Shark Floor & Handheld Steam Cleaner S6005UK is an expensive but sturdy multi-functional cleaner. Due to its large floor head and double-sided pads, it excels as a mop. However, it doesn’t stand out as a handheld cleaner...

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9 /10

"The best steam cleaner for awkward spaces."

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What users say

11 Apr 2021

10 /10

Pros: The handheld attachment very good
Cons: No all very good

10 Apr 2021

10 /10

Pros: It’s so good easy to use and with the handheld it does all the jobs you need,
Cons: Reviewer left no comment

09 Apr 2021

9 /10

Pros: Very good wide manoeuvrable mop head which cleans floors well. Doesn't leave the floor overly wet once cleaned, therefore floor drys quickly once mopped.
Cons: Only issue is that the handle does not lock in place when upright. It would be useful if it locked in the upright position so if you needed to leave it you don't have to prop it up against a wall.

24 Mar 2021

10 /10

Pros: Love how fast and easy this is to use, Leaves floors perfectly clean having 2 dogs need to do my floors more regularly and it gives me peace of mind that my floors are not only looking clean that they are hygienically clean too.Love the hand held option and was worth the extra money and I have used it so far on my tiles in my bathroom by Kitchen cupboards and today I used the metal attachment and did the wire shelves in the oven and the grease very easily with the steam lifted off.The cleaning grip cloths go straight in the washer and are ready to go again "Just ordered two more"I have had a steam mop in the past and wasn't happy with it, but I am delighted with this and can defiantly recommend.
Cons: Only thing I can think to Improve this is if there was a function for when your using the hand held steamer for a constant flow of steam, as you have to hold the button in to get steam and when cleaning my oven racks for example I need one hand to hold the rack steady but can't if having to keep the steam button held in.oops sorry slightly longer cable option!

07 Nov 2020

9 /10

Pros: It really cleans! Yes its a steam cleaner and is supposed to do that but I found it really easy to use. The included small attachments made light work of quite a few grease ridden indentations on appliances and I found the mop to be really maneuverable. The little pocket mop attachment is really useful.
Cons: Its really big, quite heavy. The water bit doesn't have a max marking and some of the listed attachments are not included. Wrong information has been sent out to shops. It doesn't include the garment cleaner attachment

8 /10

Good floor and handheld steamer
It is a really good steamer for the floor and I have used the handheld part for the bathroom. In my opinion this is better than most brands I’ve used (VAX and JML) based on the microfibre rectangular head alone. However it does not stand up on its own so you have to lean it against wall or hang when not in use. Tank is big enough for a good sized floor. The steam burst is ok but doesn’t budge dried on dirt as efficiently as I would like. The lead is not very long. Overall good quality for price.

10 /10

My girlfriend’s new favourite toy!
This is now in daily use on our house! We have five dogs, two cats, and four children still at home! We were in absolute shock at how much dirt this picks up! After all we’ve been mopping in the old fashioned way every day forever! If you buy one item ever in your life make it this!!

6 /10

It does the job
It does the job, but there are a few things that really dont make it very user friendly. Firstly, the cord. Having been used to a cordless hoover and the ease of use, this steamer felt like going back 10-15 years ago. When you use it, it is so noisy, that it feels like you are using an iron to mop. I was steam cleaning and the middle part fell a couple of times starting to spray steam around the bathroom (somewhat scary). Overall, does ok.

8 /10

I bought this steam cleaner 3 months ago and was very happy with my purchase. I paid extra so that I could have the removable hand held cleaner. The water cap keeps falling off now, I am unable to use it. I have tried to buy a new cap but I cannot find anything on the site. I would have happily recommended this product but as I am now unable to use it I will not be.

10 /10

After seeing other steam cleaner products I was very excited to see how the Shark steam cleaner performed. Upon opening the box I was surprised to see how many accessories the cleaner came with and the versatility of the cleaner. The areas you can use this is range from the kitchen, to the floors and to the bathroom as well as the windows and even the oven! The area I used the cleaner on was the kitchen floor. After assembling the cleaner within a matter of moments, I was amazed at how much cleaner the floor was after just one sweep. I was also pleasantly surprised at how dry the floor was after using the cleaner. I honestly expected the floor to be really wet afterwards. I moved into the bathroom and used the hose attachments to clean all the chrome around the taps, instantly a shine came up. The Shark steam cleaner utilises lift away technology which means you can use the steamer without the whole base, allowing for cleaning in those hard to reach places. I used this on the windows and windowsill, this makes the whole unit lighter and more flexible. The cleaner has a long cord, good size water tank so you don't have to keep refilling it, and also the whole unit easy to use and lift. As a wheelchair user this is so easy to use and now I feel confident my home is clean and bacteria free.

4 /10

No spare parts available!
As another reviewer stated, I also need to replace the grout scrubbing brush after it was virtually destroyed using it on bathroom tiles, but there are no parts available except the floor pads. I also wanted to add the garment steamer to my tools, as it says in the instruction book that this is an accessory which is available for this model, but it is not available either. The steam mop itself is fabulous...just a shame about the availability of accessories as it means that it's not possible to use the mop for it's full potential.

2 /10

Great cleaner, useless without parts
I was delighted with my cleaner when it first arrived, but it now seems to be the case that it is impossible to buy replacement parts (eg wire brushes which obviously get worn out) and also impossible to buy the garment cleaner (despite it being mentioned in the instructions). The mop is great, but what is the point of the lift-away cleaner if it is impossible to buy replacement parts when things wear out?

8 /10

I bought this 6 weeks ago and yesterday used the wire brush attachment with the lift-away unit to clean the oven. After this, the brush was very much worse for wear and I decided to order another. However, no replacements are available. In fact, the only thing you can replace is the floor cleaning pad. Not much point in the lift-away unit if you can't replace the accessories that you use with it. I'm sorry to have wasted money paying for this model when I could have got a straightforward floor cleaner for less. Having said that, this is a very efficient cleaner of floors and of ovens and I would be delighted with it if only there were spare accessories.

10 /10

Great attachments, easy to use
I bought this a few weeks ago in the hope of making housework easier amidst the coronavirus lockdown. I can honestly say this is an a fantastic steamer. I can do curtains, sofa, floors, beds, walls, skirting, bathroom etc in a fraction of the time it was previously taking me. It gets everything spotless and smells clean afterwards as well. Great price for a great tool.