Shark Klik n Flip S6001UK Steam Mop Review

Shark Klik n Flip S6001UK Steam Mop
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9 /10

"This steam mop is really easy to use, with speedy operation that will leave you with more time for the important stuff. It cleans well, griping dirt and refusing to leave streaks behind."

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What users say

09 Apr 2021

4 /10

Pros: Reviewer left no comment
Cons: Could do with an on of button and would like it to be able to stand without being propped up

24 Dec 2020

7 /10

Pros: It sanitises well.
Cons: It’s quite heavy to push around and is not too good a removing dried in dirt and grouting. It’s ok.

31 Jan 2019

10 /10

Pros: I changed from Vax to Shark and wow there will be no going back - the amount of dirt i see come up with the new Stark mop is astonishing makes me wonder what my Vax was even doing. My new Shark is a lot sturdier than my Vax mop was - as over the years Vax seem to be making their items cheaper and so they break ore easy.I also have dogs and so ensuring my floors are squeaky clean is a must.Buy a Shark you won't be disappointed. Mop end gets in all corners without knocking / marking sides, easy to use and excellent steam control out of mop. Highly recommend.
Cons: Not having an on and off switch on mop, you have to physically turn it on and off at the wall when using. Mop does not stand up easily on its own - need to ensure when propping up it's secure and isn't going to fall.

14 Sep 2018

1 /10

Pros: Easy to attach cleaning pad
Cons: No continuous steam unlike it's far superior Shark lift away steam mop (heaven knows why it's been discontinued) No hand held option. Awful 'pump action' handle, if you try to mop too fast or too slow the steam just seems to stop. After being used to the brilliant performance of the Lift Away steam mop, I'm finding this model worse than useless.

11 Dec 2017

10 /10

Pros: So easy to use and ease of use above all else brill. Good results.
Cons: Not had a problem or dissatisfaction with product

8 /10

Worth buying
I have used the mop 4 times with good results. It lasts long enough to clean all my hard floors in 4 rooms. It is a bit heavier than I expected but I am getting used to that.

2 /10

Bought this steam mop and at first it worked well...after a few weeks it broke and I've paid out a lot of money for a product that now doesn't work. Gutted as when it worked it was brilliant.

8 /10

Mixed feelings
I think this cleans really well,but, the way that the cloth has to be attached doesn't work and it won't stand upright alone so has to be leant against something. It would , also, benefit from an on and off switch.

10 /10

Excellent for the home
I bought this mop, two of them, and I am so happy. Have recommended to all my friends. Cleans all hard surfaces in the home. Wood and tile and stone. My house is so clean. Beware, my wooden floor was so clean after steaming it became a little slippery.

4 /10

Bit disappointed - To be honest
I had high hopes for this. I have had a Shark Pump Action Steam Mop for several years but bought this has a replacement. It doesn't appear to steam as well as my old one, requires a LOT more pumping and the pads leave the floor soaking after only a few weeks use!

10 /10

I brought this when it was reduced. I didn't think my floor was as dirty as it was as I already owned a small steamer which I used twice a week. This product is amazing, so much better than my old one. The floor is now gleaming and it's so easy to use, it glides over the floor and has powerful steam for extra dried on dirt. I would defo recommend.

10 /10

Kilk n Flip
Absolutely fantastic product. Even after mopping the floor previously The pad was still soiled which showed me mopping does not clean your floor. The steam mop does not leave any smears on the floor and was so light and easy to use. Definitely wish I’d bought the product earlier.

8 /10

It's a good steam cleaner.
Would recommend. Pros: Lightweight, Easy to fill, Cleans floors well, Leaves floor dry, Manoeuvres easily, Mop head flips over so that you can use both sides, Covers can be machine washed, Spare head provided. Cons: You push on the handle to release steam - I would prefer a button but it's personal choice, Doesn't stand upright - so needs to be hung up on a hook,. Does not remove ground in stains like jelly from dog food but it loosens it so that it will lift with a tissue.

10 /10

The best floor cleaner I have ever used!
I bought this relying on the good reviews and ignoring any negative ones. I’m so pleased I did. This has made cleaning my floor an enjoyable experience! I had another well known brands steam mop and it was quite useless compared to this. The old one used to leave my floor wet and I had to really work to get the floor clean. This one makes light work cleaning even stubborn marks and my floor is dry in seconds! My mother tried it and lived it too and now has one of her own!

10 /10

Shark steam mop
This is the third make of steam mop and the fifth steam mop I have used for our hard floors and I have to say the best and easiest to use. The flip over mop head and the steam boost is such a great idea and because it is so simple to use (just fill and go) I am sure it will last longer than the other more complicated ones I have owned.

10 /10

I bought the Shark Klik n' Flip to replace my old floor steamer that had finally given up the ghost. Some of the reviews I read were really good but some were complaining about various aspects, but I went ahead any way and so glad that I did! It is so easy to use from filling the water tank to steaming the floor and much, much better than my old one had ever been (wasn't a Shark I hasten to add). The cable is much longer than my old one which means that I don't have to change sockets in between as all my floors are hardwood. Love the "flipping" part, plus the extra steam for stubborn marks which I get a lot of due to having 3 large, and sometimes very dirty dogs to clean up after. Overall, it is excellent value and would definitely recommend anyone to buy it.

10 /10

I looked at so many before I purchased this ! In the end Shark products came recommended by most of my friends! Easy to put together, easy to use, not too heavy and doesn’t leave any wet patches behind - takes three or four minutes for floor to be shiny with no smears ! The pad is so easy to just slide into- can flip over and it washes really well - don’t know why I didn’t get one earlier !! Would recommend and comes with spare pad ! I use on laminate, stone tiles and Lino and been great.