Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Review

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9 /10

Engadget wondered why these pricey headphones didn't come with a charging case, especially as their battery life is not great. However, a compact size, great sound and noise cancellation was enough to seal a score of 85%,

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8 /10

Digital Trends also complained about battery life and did not like the lack of waterproofing. None of this stopped them being described as the best-sounding truly wireless earbuds available today.

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10 /10

What Hi-Fi put sound above everything else, praising the Momentum's refined sound. Even the price and the small niggle that timing is slightly better of other models didn't stop them awarding top marks.

What users say

07 Apr 2020

4 /10

It’s great device but it very expensive and I was using AirPods which you can use individually left or right ear but these one you can’t if you gota answer the phone I think is wasn’t for me Only if u want to listening music then can’t get better then them anywhere but answering phone calls are not comfortable with them

04 Mar 2020

6 /10

ABIT too expensive compared to Amazon.

21 Jan 2020

10 /10

I have always had issues with earbuds and them staying in my ears, as I love Sennheiser sound quality and I wanted something for running as I can no longer get the running range I thought I would try these. I have to say I am impressed with the sound quality and the fit, they do stay in my ears and feel comfortable too, I am impressed and feel they are more than worth the money, amazing product from a trusted brand that really knows how to deliver your favourite music

08 Jan 2020

10 /10

Headphones are great but definitely not worth the asking price and battery dies too quick

31 Jul 2019

10 /10

It’s the perfect ergonomic design wireless headphones out there! Without a doubt. Light weight, sound clarity, comfort... and has it’s own EQ feature through the app!

22 May 2019

10 /10

These fit very well and the sound quality is excellent. The battery doesn’t last as long as is claimed (surprise!)

03 Apr 2019

8 /10

Like most of you will probably do when contemplating spending this sort of money on a pair of tiny ear buds, I did a fair amount of reading on the pros and cons of these things. I saw a lot of reviews talking about great sound quality and other reviews talking about the battery life and the things going flat while in the case. Well, sound quality is good, and if you don't want them going flat in the case, make sure the case is charged when you put them in, and, make sure you read the manual.

12 Mar 2019

10 /10

Excellent sound quality. Silky, rich sound with deep bass. The only thing I’d say is I’d wish they’d go louder. The touch controls are impressive but difficult to start with. Battery life is good and the carry case charges them in between use. The app works well to adjust equaliser to suit your taste plus allows you to look at charge levels and adjust other settings. The Bluetooth works really well. I can walk all around the house without any connection issues.

23 Jan 2019

8 /10

Excellent sound, great comfot but with flaws. Some issues with the sound with certain frequencies. Operation of the earbuds not as responsive or as intuitive as they could be. And the earbuds never turn off, so if you leave your ear buds for a few days, they charger case will loose all it’s charge as well as the earbuds. Waiting for the new firmware update from Sennheiser due in Q3 (jan-March) to Fox all these issues. I would wait to see how they fix all the issues.

15 Jan 2019

10 /10

Thought I would splash the cash and bought these as a present to myself. Was fairly happy with the supplied ear buds with my iPhone but wanted something that would present more detail and quality of sound. I am really impressed with both the sound and build of these buds. The only gripe is with the very short charging cable that comes with them. When charging the led indicator is facing the charger which makes it difficult to see. As far as I am concerned the cost of these is warranted.