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What the experts say

the verge logo

7 /10

A great screen and battery life couldn't save the Galaxy Tab S4 from a mediocre review from The Verge. In their 2018 review, they felt Android tablet apps were still not up to scratch and you would need to buy a companion keyboard for this tablet to be truly useful. It did have an impressive desktop mode, however.

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8 /10

Having an S Pen in the box was a real pro for Trusted Reviews who, like The Verge, thought the display was excellent and enjoyed the Dex desktop mode. The lack of RAM and the continued underperformance of Android as an operating system for tablets meant they were not blown away overall.

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7 /10

Gizmodo thought the Tab S4 was a rival to the iPad Pro. However in the world of Android there are plenty of cheaper options around and, even though this is a premium tablet, they felt it might not be first choice overall.

What users say

03 Jan 2020

10 /10

Youngest daughter needed something for school going into to her GCSE years. Firstly was going to get a laptop but then see the reviews for this and I can say it does everything and more than what the laptop would have. Its versatility from pad to almost netbook with the detachable keyboard is just great. She loves the pen that also comes with it and when shes finished the homework off comes the keypad and on goes a movie to relax. Fantastic bit of kit.

12 Sep 2019

10 /10

The battery lasts a long time, and the picture / screen is actually great. Light tablet, really fast and responsive.

21 Aug 2019

8 /10

Usually buy apple products, however, tried a Samsung as a little cheaper. At first difficult to navigate but after a little practice is easier to use. Have only being using for a week but am very happy with the performance of the product.

14 Aug 2019

10 /10

Great tablet. Very fast, endless possibilities and functions. Just buy it you will not regret. My old one seems much like stone tablet from biblical times in comparison :-))

26 Jun 2019

10 /10

This is a brilliant tablet, very powerful, the battery lasts for ages, the screen is crystal clear. I bought it for the S Pen as I do a lot of note taking and drawings and it does the job perfectly. One of Samsung's best products

03 Apr 2019

10 /10

It's been two weeks since purchasing this tablet, I've had my fair share of great technology but this tops the cake. It's a beautiful designed tablet, with an AMOLED screen which really makes the picture pop with colour and really deep blacks. It's fast, no lag, battery life is brilliant even with heavy use and it also comes with the S pen (unlike another famous brand) If paired with the official Samsung keyboard case it literally turns into a mini laptop. 5*****

13 Feb 2019

4 /10

The S Pen wrote/drew on the tablet before touching the screen, ie when you were hovering about 10mm over the screen it left trails of ink where you didn't want it, thus making a mess of what you are writing /drawing. Argos were very good and gave me a full refund.

24 Jan 2019

10 /10

Good service from ARGOS. Ordered it at and picked it up 10 minutes later from the local shop.

23 Jan 2019

8 /10

Great OLED display. Pen is very precise, on a par with the Apple Pencil. 4GB of RAM is enough but could be speedier.

29 Sep 2018

10 /10

This samsung Tab is great I got it as a present for University. I love the design and the battery lasts for a very long time