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What the experts say

10 /10

Slinky Studio gave the Ryobi Brushless Combi Drill a perfect score. Its well-built design meant it could stand up to any task that a general DIY enthusiast would carry out - from hammer drilling to screwdriving. It was so good that is might even satisfy a professional too. It was also not too heavy for a cordless drill.

What users say

17 Jan 2021

4 /10

Not a pro tool
I changed my mind and returned the item. It's not a pro tool. Personally, I prefer to have control over the torque setting. This doesn't give that.

05 Jan 2021

10 /10

very reliable
the battery seems to last forever,very powerful and easy to use very pleased

02 Dec 2020

8 /10

Trill with me drill.
Used my Combi Drill for the first time, I needed all three settings as I fitted a garden gate to a brick wall. Drill was perfect, no problem. Love it. Worried about leaving it in my garage as it doesn't come in a box, it could get damp during the coming winter. It's wrapped in my overalls, when I remember I'll look for accessories and buy a box.

01 Dec 2020

10 /10

Ryobi - undoubted quality
I bought this as I am erecting a new garden fence. I needed a quality tool as I had over 200 screws to put in. This driver did the whole job with ease all on one charge of the battery. It’s not too heavy but has a solid reliable feel about it. I’ve other jobs in the house and this has given me the confidence it will be well up for the tasks ahead.

16 Sep 2020

10 /10

exellent brushless and cordless drill. 5stars.
For the price of a mediocre cordless, you get a fantastic brushless and cordless drill which would out perform many of the expensive opposition. a definate 5 stars recomendation.

11 Sep 2020

10 /10

A great tool for loads of diy jobs
I bought this to help lay some garden decking, replacing an old driver with little torque and a failing battery that took hours to recharge. What a difference! It has 50nm of torque (the power with which it can drive in screws, unscrew old rusted screws, and drill into wood or masonry) while most other makes have 38nm. 3 settings make it easy to switch from drill to driver to hammer drill. It is brushless, which means longer life and the battery can be used on other Ryobi tools.

22 Jul 2020

10 /10

Great hammer drill
Great little, but powerful drill. Does the job well including drilling through tough bricks.

03 Jun 2020

10 /10

Easy and reliable drill driver
I chose the drill as a good mid-range offering, more expensive would move you into pro ranges - Dewalt, Makita etc, and cheaper would get either budget brands or fewer features. This seemed like a good balance of a reliable brand, with a trusted 18v brushless motor, percussion/hammer drill with driver, keyless check and a decent 2.0Ah battery. It performs well in all three modes, feels sturdy without being heavy, is easy to operate and quick to charge.