It may not be bristling with a load of fancy features, but the Buckingham kettle is great at all the things a kettle should do. Reasonably priced, it’s a great choice as a family kettle for just getting the job done quickly and quietly.

The headline feature of this kettle is its quiet boil feature and it lives up to the billing; during a full boil we found it never went above 60 decibels. While at its loudest point you may need to raise your voice a little to be heard, for the most part you could easily carry on a conversation at a normal volume in a small kitchen while it boils.


The fact it is quiet doesn’t mean it is slow with a single cup boil taking 49 seconds (a little over Russell Hobbs’ quoted 45 secs) and a full 60oz boil taking 3 min 47 secs. This is good considering how quiet the kettle is and comparable with some of the best kettles on the market.

The 1, 2 and 3 cup marker on the inside of the kettle is a nice way of making sure you can do small boils quickly, using as little energy as possible. As it is inside the kettle it’s a little awkward to see while you are filling as you have to be directly over the lid but it’s not a major issue. The measurements for single cups are also a little generous for the average sized mug, but it is better to boil a little extra rather than not enough and have to start again.

For larger amounts, the kettle has water windows on both sides of the kettle so you can immediately tell how much is in there without spinning it around; as well as easily fill it from the faucet left and right-handed.


The kettle has a brushed stainless steel finish and an unfussy design that will be at home in most kitchens but particularly if you have a lot of steel/aluminum finished appliances. At the base of the kettle is a ring that lights up blue when the kettle is in use. It is turned on with a decent sized paddle switch at the bottom and the lid is opened with a button at the top of the handle.

Russell Hobbs Buckingham Kettle

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Russell Hobbs has included what it calls a “Perfect pour” spout to make sure the water only pours exactly where you want it. We found this does do a good job and we didn’t find water running down the front or sides of the kettle after pouring.

Like most kettles these days it is connected to the mains via a base. This means it’s easy to just place down one-handed and helps keep your kitchen counter tidy.


It’s not in the budget category but it also a far cry from the top end of the market as well. It is a very good buy if you are looking for a no-nonsense water boiler.


It may not have any fancy features like a water filter, keep-warm function or the ability to choose a temperature to heat to, but if all you’re after is something to boil your water quickly and reasonably quietly then this is the one. You certainly won’t find anything better for less than $40

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A quick and quiet kettle
Looks good
No special features