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What the experts say

8 /10

Gym Tech Review thought the Opti Treadmill was definitely worth buying. Its slim design gives it a modern look but still manages to keep a good-sized running area. It's also lightweight and easy to move. It comes packed with features including 10 preset exercises, workout stats (pulse, speed, distance and calories burned), three elevation options and autostop. However, it does need to be plugged in unlike the non-motorised and cheaper Opti treadmill model. It should also be noted that it has a max weight of 100kg (15 stone 10 pounds) which is quite restrictive.

10 /10

Budget Fitness Equipment was similarly impressed by the Opti Treadmill JX-653W, noting its lightweight (45kg), incline options, user-friendly controls and pulse trackings. The addition of a tablet holder was seen as a nice touch. However, its 100kg weight restriction, 5 display options and 12km max speed do limit it for some users. The running surface is also 40cm smaller than the more expensive model in the Opti range.

What users say

23 Sep 2020

10 /10

Cheap and very cheerful
I selected this product because it looked less intimidating than a powered treadmill for older people who are less active. It takes some getting used to because it requires a certain way of walking to keep the roller running. In fact it is much easer to run on it than to walk as the momentum is easier to sustain. Once you are up and running (!) it is very effective I would certainly recommend it to anyne who needs exercise but does not want to spend a fortune on equiment.Assembly was a doddle.

26 Dec 2019

2 /10

Complete waste of money- on it's way to recycle!
Purchased this because I am a Yorkshireman (Cheap) - Thought my wife would only use it occasionaly. Turns out she is in fact committed to exercise, so this is rubbish. Now had to purchase a motorised treadmill, so paid twice! Save yourself the hassle, and pay the extra, buy a motorised treadmill. Argos have loads - just read the reviews. My fault for being a cheapskate!

30 Oct 2019

6 /10

Didn't really work for me would try before buying
I was looking for a treadmill for walking mainly and thought this may fit the bill. It was lightweight, sturdy enough and went together no problem. Unfortunately despite being pretty able bodied I had difficult in controlling it at walking pace and don't think the type of mechanism is suited to walking. I think it is more suitable for running whilst holding the bars which I found extremely awkward and make it difficult to keep the arms and shoulders relaxed.

02 Oct 2019

2 /10

I was forced to purchase it because there was not a motorised one in the store. good for a stand in whilst the other came. I felt tired and worn out after using it. I had to put in other workouts only with the other workouts did it work. A pure let down. Good for standing in. Old grannies would land in hospital.

18 Jun 2019

2 /10

Not a great treadmill
I looks ok and like it is good, but you can't use it unless you hold on all the time, which isn't great, it isn't the easiest to walk on, would definetly spend more money and buy one more like a gym treadmill, my husband who uses it thinks its great, but he walks very slowly and has no motivation in moving quickly anyway. Folds up nice and small.

07 May 2019

2 /10

Sadly this a truly awful product. Though it’s easy set up and easily to switch between down and ready to use and up for storage, the positives end there The belt is juddery and sticks, so it’s impossible to get a smooth motion - you have to either force it or then suddenly it spins freely and loosely. The angle of the machine is too high and so, combined with the indelible belt, you have to hold on to stop yourself falling off. this means running at a ridiculous angle. Mine is going back

12 Sep 2018

2 /10

If you do a slow walk then possibly fine, but anything else and the running mat goes to one side, this is obviously a problem and there is a cure for it in the booklet.... Which doesn't work.

28 Nov 2017

4 /10

Wish l had saved up for an electric one
You can't walk or run on it without holding on it's very slippery lm very disappointed.

19 Nov 2017

10 /10

I purchased this during the winter months to boost my fitness levels (which are extinct). As a mere female I had it put together in less than 30 mins! The belt was easy to adjust to give the best resistance for me & off I went. I like the digital display for time, calories burnt etc.I also like the fact you can go as slow or fast as you like, so as a treadmill beginner, like me, this is an ideal piece of start up equipment & the folding feature is great if space is at a premium!

10 Nov 2017

8 /10

My new walking machine
It took my son about 15 minutes to put together. For the first week I could only manage to walk on it for a few minutes at a time as I was so out of breath going up hill all the time ......I can now run on it for about a minute and continue waking for an extra 5 minutes ( I haven't run anywhere for about 50 years ! ) I have to hold on or I might land up on the floor . I would say it was good for older folk like myself who need to exercise every day but not for the more competent runners.