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What the experts say

9 /10

BBC Good Food found the Ooni Koda 16 to be a very good pizza oven that was easy to set up and clean, although the lack of an included pizza peel was disappointing considering it is essential to use the oven. It also lacks a storage bag despite being a portable pizza oven. When it came to cooking pizzas, however, the gas-powered Koda 16 did a great job, providing a flame cooked flavour and cooking artisan pizzas in 60 seconds.

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8 /10

Wired really liked the Ooni Koda both in terms of looks, ease of transporting it and the speed it can cook pizzas, reporting a two minute cooking time after a 20-minute warm-up. There was concern that the ow can’t be stored outside for an extended period of time and the provided peel didn’t include a handle, but it was considered a great and affordable way of cooking authentic pizza at home.

9 /10

The Spruce Eats found the Koda to be an attractive, portable oven perfect for pizza parties. While it is an expensive option compared with other methods and there is a steep learning curve to cooking pizzas at high temperature, it is one of the best ways of getting an authentic finish to your pizzas.

What users say

10 /10

It's fantastic. Bigger size makes a lot of difference - much easier to use. Looks great and the pizza's are perfect and very authentic

10 /10

Game changer
This is so good, I have a big Webber BBQ and a komado BBQ, the Webber doesn't get hot enough to do pizza and the the komado takes to long to heat up and burns the bottom, this cooks perfect pizza every time it's just like going to a decent pizza restaurant, I couldn't recommend this higher

6 /10

Great pizzas but...
Ooni produces fantastic pizza ovens. The flavour of pizzas cooked in these ovens is delicious and it is really easy to set up and use. But at this price, you should be providing a wheel cutter and paddle. The slightly smaller ooni koda portable oven comes with cover, wheel cutter and paddle, and is much better value. I bought them both so easy to compare. Disappointed with the lack of accessories to be honest - go for the smaller one! It's really good value.

10 /10

Really can't describe how good this oven is. Have tried everything in the past to get proper pizza but never got the heat. Pizza ovens, pizza plates, barbecues. This gave restaurant quality from the very first pizza. Have even had to resort to turning the oven down! Never had to do that before for pizzas. If you are on the fence, just get one.