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What the experts say

8 /10

The Fyra is Ooni’s wood pellet pizza oven and BBC Good Food was very impressed with it. The lightweight, easy to assemble design made it portable and easy to store. A removable ceramic plate and ash collection also made it easy to clean without creating a lot of mess. It was a bit tricky to light and it got through fuel fast, but cooking results were good and it is a good option for a starter pizza oven.

8 /10

Forbes found the Fyra to be a very good entry-level pizza oven, but pointed out the extras can soon drive up the price once you add a bag, peel and non-slip feet etc. It is also only limited to 12” pizzas due to its small size. A gas-powered option may be more appropriate for some people but this is an excellent option if you are after a wood-fired oven.

What users say

10 /10

This was a present and so hasn't been used as yet but it's hoped with using the wood pellets rather than gas it will give that freshly fired authentic oven taste , and with all the travel restrictions one can shut their eyes and pretend that they are in a small plaza in Italy!!