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10 /10

Good Housekeeping was impressed by the innovative ability of the Balance to weigh your ingredients and send their nutritional info to the NutriBullet app. The app was straightforward to use and boasted a huge array of recipes - though it did miss some key ingredients from its database (e.g. Apple Juice). Apart from the advanced features, the Balance also handled blending well and consistently produced smooth drinks.

9 /10

Smart Home Judge also recommended the Balance. Despite its advanced smart features, it was super easy to use (and to clean) and despite its compact design it was really powerful. However, the limited ingredient database was noted as a downside.

What users say

09 Mar 2021

8 /10

Great idea, but the app is too old.
The app needs updating. It's stuck on an iOS from 5 years ago and doesn't even fill the screen anymore. Its a great blender and the app would be a useful addition but its let down by the fact Nutribullet released it and left it to its own devices, without any updates etc which many people are crying out for.

14 Jan 2021

10 /10

Very happy with my NutriBullet
This NutriBullet has helped me with my diet as I make smoothies everyday and it helps me track the calories & nutrients ! Really good quality !

16 Sep 2020

8 /10

My bullet is good but it's a bit expensive.
Very good bullet machine but a bit expensive.

16 Jun 2020

10 /10

Great smoothies
I love this nutri bullet! I have the older version and wanted to upgrade to this one,its connected to my phone and it weighs every ingredient and tells you when there is enough ingredients ,it is just so easy to do! You can get lots of recipes for amazing smoothies and have also made a red pepper soup in it,which was just amazing! The cups are ready to use with the lids and it is has definitely made me make healthier choices and feel better for it 10 out of 10!!

05 Feb 2020

10 /10

All the whistles and bells of a blender
After much debate from the range I decided to go for the nutribalnce. Yeah it's a bit pricey but he app is very intuitive and quite a lot of fun. You can add food to you virtual pantry which then tells you which smoothies you can make based on the ingredients you have in the pantry. It really is a good bit of kit.

27 Dec 2019

10 /10

Nutribullet balance is amazing
Since buying the Nutribullet balance, I've made so many different smoothies with its high performance & it's amazing quality, it was definitely worth the purchase, the design itself is great & it's so easy to set up & use, I'd highly recommend this to anybody.

09 Apr 2019

10 /10

Works great
Great blender for smoothies, soups and shakes. Only downside is needing to use the app to control the pulse setting which as I have my “go to” recipe for which I don’t need the app, means I miss / don’t get the benefit of those features.

13 Mar 2019

8 /10

My first impressions of the blender are that it looks good and has a feel of quality about it. The cup has more than enough capacity for the needs of my other half and I, it is also easy to clean compared to past blenders we have owned. It does what blenders are supposed to do but with the added Bluetooth option which I found to be a very good feature.I like how you can put on the app what ingredients you have already...and it gives options & people’s reviews of recipes