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8 /10

The good build quality of the Pro 1000 impressed Rtings who also found it easy to clean. Performance when making a smoothie was good although it did struggle a little with leafy greens such as kale and these ingredients could sometimes get pushed to the side of the jar rather than blended into the smoothie.

10 /10

A Juicy Blend was in general very impressed with the Pro 1000 and its powerful motor, although the fact it is so powerful means it can heat up ingredients so suggest using frozen fruit to ensure the smoothie is still cool to drink. The Blender’s Smart Technology - where the blender cuts off when it thinks it has reached the optimum level of blending - is also highlighted as a feature that may or not suit everyone.

What users say

17 Mar 2021

8 /10

Meets expectations and good quality
Meets my expectations .. a smaller jar would have been beneficial and not just big jars for smaller quantities

10 Mar 2021

10 /10

Great blender
I bought this as a treat (having wanted one for years) and it hasn't disappointed! This replaced my basic cheap blender and the difference is amazing. It is so much quieter and smoother, and as it is more powerful makes shorter work of blending. The cup is also almost twice the size too, meaning I can fit more into my smoothies without running out of space and I get a very good sized drink! Easy to assemble, take apart and to clean and I like the additional travel mug, very useful.

12 Feb 2021

10 /10

I have made many smoothies in this blender and LOVE it! So quick, smooth, and not as loud as my last one. Highly recommend!

05 Feb 2021

6 /10

Okay but not great
My daughter has a NutriBullet that I like very much, but it is a different model. This model is okay, but it doesn't have as big an opening in the jar or as big a blade. I returned this model and got the other one.

29 Jan 2021

10 /10

Fast and easy
Great and fast in making shakes. Also for other alcohol drinks..

16 Oct 2020

8 /10

Healthy Living
We only use this machine to blend together bananas, strawberries, kiwi, pineapples, apple's,honey,and these give us some great smoothies to drink in the mornings and and the evenings!!!

16 Jul 2020

10 /10

blender with less noise
this one is my first NutriBullet and i like it. my biggest concern was the noise but this one was much quieter than i expected!!!! also smaller than other NutriBullet. perfect size for my small kitchen counter.

08 Jul 2020

10 /10

Upgraded from 900 series, really powerful
My nutribullet 900pro absolutely changed my life, the bullet provides me with all the energy and vitamins I need in speedy time which is a bonus for my hectic lifestyle, After a lot of use I had to recently upgrade my bullet, I wanted the same model but unfortunately it was out of stock, I bought the upgrade 1000 series and wow! The motor is even more powerful and this model automatically stops once smoothie is fully extracted! Extremely happy and satisfied customer.

24 Apr 2020

10 /10

Bullet Blender
Very smooth operation , good cup sizes .Feels like a solid piece

30 Mar 2020

8 /10

A little bit on the weak side
I was expecting a more powerful blender. Perhaps the pro version is a better bet.