Now Daniel Radcliffe Wades Into The Political Debate


It seems to have become a trend for British celebs with global fame to start laying into UK politics as Daniel Radcliffe has joined the ranks of Steve Coogan and Russell Brand expressing dissatisfaction with the system.

Speaking to The Radio Times he laid into the political scene saying:

But politics is disillusioning; it’s just bickering, it’s exhausting

Of course politics has bickering. The House of Commons debates the most important policies of the day, not just in terms of their content but also the integrity of those implementing it. Bickering goes with the territory. As for it being exhausting, it’s a shame it can’t all be laid out in an easy simple way and everyone can give it a cursory glance, but the issues tend be infinitely complicated and debated to the smallest detail. That is how it should be.

So what would get Daniel Radcliffe to change his mind about politics:

I think the next thing I’m going to get excited about is Eddie Izzard running for London mayor. He’s really interesting, super-smart and brings a huge amount of integrity – something that we definitely don’t have today.

That’s right – the solution is a celebrity.

Eddie Izzard is probably a man of integrity, but he has also never been in the difficult position of voting on policies. His whole job thus far has been to be liked by the public. He has never been a politician previously which in the public mind would have tarnished him because of the pervasive cynicism peddled by the media and increasingly celebs.

Also Daniel was given a chance to get involved with politics in a positive way when he was 18 as Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg asked him to help out with youth policy. His reply:

I was like, ‘No, no, no, I do not speak for my generation!’

He has never since taken him up on the offer.

Danielle Radcliffe needs to realise that MPs get a harder time than he does being in the public spotlight. When they face an interviewer it isn’t Andrew Marr bending over backwards to tell them how marvellous their recent piece of work is or Jeremy Vine asking him how he possibly deals with being so popular:

If they want to keep wading into the political debate they should expect some harsher questioning or at least have an idea of how hard it is to be a politician.

In our recent poll 90% of people agreed with Robert Webb that Russell Brand’s intervention was a a bit crap – a warning for all celebrities.