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techradar logo

10 /10

Strong performance and "stunning" image quality led TechRadar to give the Nikon D850 a 5-star review. While it may be on the pricey side, the awesome pictures, great autofocus and formidable battery life make this a great choice.

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8 /10

Good Housekeeping agreed that this is a superb camera. However, the clunky menu and the hefty price tag caused it to be docked a star.

cameralabs logo

9 /10

Camera Labs were not blown away by the autofocus of the D850 and found its WiFi connection to be a "mess". However, the sheer brilliance and breadth of the camera apart from this meant it still came in with 4.5 stars.

What users say

12 Feb 2020

10 /10

The only think I do not like it the fact the app doesn’t work so you cannot wirelessly transfer your photos from the camera to your smartphone.

13 Jan 2020

10 /10

Great camera, just oozes quality from the sturdy build to the fantastic display. Lots of features, most of which I'll never use, but as a bridge user for 10 years this really gives me what I was looking for. More money than some others but if you can/want to pay this much it certainly is worth it. Using AA batteries gives flexibility, I use rechargables, the zoom is razor sharp and having the card and bag in the set, along with a proper neck strap unlike others in its class, it's a good deal

29 Dec 2019

10 /10

Bought for Christmas for my daughter who is 13 she is very keen on photography and had her eye on the more expensive camera. I spotted this one with a great deal and chances my arm. Well it made her christmas she is learning all the different settings and is have a great time with it. It takes a great picture and can be connected to an app on your phone for you to download all your photos you take and it will allow you to save them without removing the ad card or having to connect it by wires

10 Oct 2019

8 /10

This was a present for my wife. She wanted something more capable than her phone but without having to connect to a laptop. This connects wirelessly and easily to her phone so she can have access to her photos and edit and post them to social media etc. She is very pleased with it.

01 Oct 2019

10 /10

bought this for my son for gcse photography,he finds it very easy to use. Has a great zoom function and the picture quality is brilliant. very impressed all round good camera

30 Nov 2017

8 /10

simple and easy to use, slower than expected to auto focus. Light weight and solidly built. remember it isn't a DSLR camera. Dont expect the clarity and sharpness of a DSLR. its a point and shot with a good zoom length, at full zoom it does require a tripod in order to focus. Budget camera from a trusted brand.

07 Nov 2017

10 /10

This camera is lovely for nights out or lovely pics in the woods. I would recommend this if you are buying a camera for someone to start with. Easy to use and nice pics

01 Nov 2017

8 /10

A lovely point and shoot from Nikon. The zoom is fantastic on this camera but you need a steady hand or a tripod when using the zoom fully out. The camera has some nice editing features built in, like red eye correction and a fun feature that allows you to add make up to your subjects. The camera does let me down with action shots eg moving subjects, I haven’t been able to get a sharp picture of the dogs running about but I’m still playing with all the settings.

07 Sep 2017

8 /10

All perfect.

04 Aug 2017

8 /10

good product and value for money looked on the internet no other site was offering the same package. could find the camera cheaper but without a case and memory card. good picture quality easy to use