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What the experts say

dpreview logo

9 /10

DPReview really liked the Nikon D750. It spoke highly of the picture quality, autofocus and continuous shooting capabilities. They didn't like its poor buffer capacity and limited smartphone controls. Auto Focus was also a bit slow in live mode.

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9 /10

TechRadar reckons the D750 is a marked improvement on the D610 with strong picture quality, ISO rating and autofocus. A shutter speed limited to 1/4000 sec, no autofocus on/off switch and slow autofocus in live mode were downsides, but only enough to dock half a star.

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8 /10

Digital Camera World agreed on most of the plus points for the D750, but the omission of 4K video filming meant it was only rated 4/5 stars.

What users say

07 May 2020

10 /10

I wanted to start doing astrophotography and so after much research, I concluded that the D750 was the ideal choice (even though the model is 5+ years old now). I also wanted a camera for general use. So far, I've not been disappointed. I find the camera control locations intuitive (and are easy to find, even when shooting at night). I guess the only thing really missing is a touch-screen LV display, but that's not essential for what I want to do.

11 Jun 2019

10 /10

Excellent full frame camera, affordable price.