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What the experts say

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9 /10

Like the D5500, the D5600 is a very competent camera that can meet most of the needs of its target market and produce high quality still pictures and passable video clips. However, from a purely photographic point of view, it doesn’t offer much incentive for owners of either the D5500 or even the D5300 to upgrade.

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6 /10

Digital Trends thinks the D5600 does little to improve on the D5500. It is also not impressed that video is restricted to 1080p. However, it does think it shoots good 24mp pictures and comes in at an excellent price.

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8 /10

Described as "everything a photographer needs", this lightweight camera is an excellent affordable option for those looking to get into the DSLR world.

What users say

04 Jun 2019

10 /10

Great camera would definitely recommend to my friends and family I'm not a professional but found it easy to use to get those pro looking shots

08 May 2019

10 /10

There is much to say about the D5600 and not enough space... Obviously I recommended it for all those who are passionate about photography, I will not add some technical stuff in here, it does much more than I expected. One thing they are not telling you, wireless/bluetooth connection is not working without an SD card inside of it. About the rest of the things? Yet to discover...

09 Apr 2019

10 /10

I love all the added features this camera has. A movable back screen, especially useful for those lowdown shots and with the added bonus of being a touchscreen to focus and take pictures with, without causing camera shake by using the main button. Very impressed with everything the d5600 has to offer.

01 Aug 2018

8 /10

The Nikon D5600 takes very good photographs. Nice and light , the kit lens is very sharp. I love the tilting screen, it is so handy. I would recommend buying a good sceen protector, to save any scratches to the LCD screen.

04 Jul 2018

10 /10

Fantastic camera. Bought as an upgrade from previous Nikon and am so pleased with it. Love the additional features like WiFi and touchscreen

02 May 2018

10 /10

Brilliant introduction to DSLR photography which can be as simple or as in depth as you require. Picture quality is outstanding with the included kit lens!

14 Feb 2018

10 /10

Very impressed with how high the ISO goes and the noise reduction. It is very good at low light photography. Picture quality if very good. The camera is not too big and feels comfortable in my hands.

03 Aug 2017

10 /10

Just a great camera. I had a NiKon 3200 previously so this was a nice upgrade and is compatible with the additional lenses I already own.

01 Mar 2017

10 /10

Great camera complete with a great general purpose lens. Light weight camera with a great feel in the hand, the grip is quite deep so feels very comfortable an secure. I've been very happy with image quality so far, wouldn't hesitate to recommend. That said 'snapbridge' is full of bugs and I found it to be almost unusable (for me that isnt a problem). Same day delivery service was brilliant.

08 Feb 2017

10 /10

I needed a new camera for my website and was looking for an upgrade from the Nikon D3200. This was a perfect choice! It shoots well, is lighter than other DSLR's and really easy to use. Would highly recommend!