Morphy Richards 720512 Steam Cleaner Review

Morphy Richards 720512 Steam Cleaner
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6 /10

"The Morphy Richards 12-in-1 is a jack of all trades and a master of none."

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10 /10

"[T]his is an affordable cleaner that can pack a punch if you dial up the steam."

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What users say

08 Sep 2021

10 /10

Neat and light weight
Excellent value for money, so far used on carpets and tiled floors to good effect. Very light weight and easily used. Nice fold down handle for storage and glides along each floor surface easily. Have yet to use on grouting and the like, but water does boil fast so good to go very quickly which is a benefit compared to my old one.

02 Jan 2021

8 /10

Does the job it’s meant for
It cleans the floors well but does leave them quite wet as there’s no manual button to control the steam, however our floors dry quickly enough. At the moment I’m struggling to find supplies of spare cloths so have only the 2 supplied to work with, otherwise I’m happy with my purchase.

03 Nov 2020

8 /10

Easy to use
The down side is you cannot use it on vinyl or laminate flooring & nowhere on the write up does it say that, which is disappointing to say the least. I'd hoped it would make washing my floors easier, back to mopping sadly. At least it will keep my newly tiled bathroom walls,floor & shower screen clean.

27 Oct 2020

8 /10

Great product
Really pleased with this purchase, there are a lot of settings we haven't used yet to its full potential but it can do both tiles floors and anything with fabric. The only thing I would say Is that the covers get dirty so fast so you can only clean properly a surface at a time but easy to wash and re use!

23 Sep 2020

10 /10

Brilliant bit of kit!
I have never had a steam mop before, just the old fashioned type which is quite a workout! This is great - it’s disgusting what comes off my clean looking floors but I’m not soaked with sweat at the end of it! I love this thing - it comes apart easily to use the hand held part. I haven’t used all the tools yet but so far it’s a solid bit of kit, easy to use, steams in a few seconds - a great buy.

23 Sep 2020

10 /10

My first steam cleaner
Great for cleaning floors which was my main reason to buy. Leaves the floor clean and only slightly wet so it dries quick. But 12in 1 features are useful to be multi functional. Have used to clean windows, carpet freshen up, blast away general grime in kitchen and bathrooms. Has a powerful steam flow.

16 Sep 2020

8 /10

This is a very good product.
I am very pleased with my steamer. It works brilliantly on hard floors and makes a noticeable difference to carpet. The attachments are great and make cleaning the shower and bathroom easy. They are also very easy to swap around. For the money that I paid, it is a strong and reliable product.

08 Sep 2020

10 /10

Solid, easy to use, excellent value
Bought this to replace my previous steamer. Went for a cheaper model with no frills but got so much more! The floor pad is large and rectangular, so gets into all the corners. The attachments are well made and the steamer has a handle which will make cleaning windows, showers etc much easier. The thermostat is variable and handles rather like an iron thermostat. I bought this on offer and my daughter has rushed to buy on as she is so impressed Solid product, easy to use and excellent value.

02 Sep 2020

8 /10

Good for the price
Good steamer for the price. But hard to control when pushing and feels a little flimsy but does a good job and is very versatile.

18 Apr 2020

2 /10

From day one this item leaked water even when the tank was emptied & the body shaken. I'm not sure if it is a design or manufacturing fault but it is going back as soon as the shop reopens. This model is not a patch on our previous one so we will be looking at a different make now.