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What the experts say

cnet logo

8 /10

CNET described the Surface Go as "casual coffee-shop computing" but said you will have to shell out for extras, e.g. more RAM, to make sure you can cover all tasks.

techradar logo

9 /10

Great design, graphics/screen, and a competitive price caused TechRadar to give the Surface Go a good score. However, the lack of accessories included in the box is a downside. It's also less powerful than an iPad.

wired logo

7 /10

While it might not be the best computer for the money, Wired loved the "pure charm" of the Surface Go. The performance is a bit sluggish though.

What users say

06 Jan 2020

8 /10

Bought for 11yr old girl in her first year at secondary school. It is like a tablet so nice and portable and with touch screen. Runs Microsoft Windows so she is able to do her homework on it. She is certainly very happy with it!

16 Oct 2019

8 /10

Easy to set up, lightweight, decent keyboard and a respectable battery life. Does all I want creating docs, spreadsheets etc and getting online. I'd certainly recommend it. The only issue was over upgrading Windows 10. When you set it up, create a recovery USB using another PC straightaway. (See Microsoft website) Upgrading may corrupt the boot - you'll need the recovery USB to put it right. You'll also need a USB to USB C adapter but it's a good idea to have one of those anyway.

18 Sep 2019

10 /10

My Surface Go is fantastic. I've anyways wanted to be and to draw on a tablet / laptop and this let's me do it. It's awesome, I'm glad I decided to treat myself. Not disappointed.

03 Jul 2019

10 /10

I had a Surface tablet 1st generation. It lasted 3 years. I've had laptops and other tablets. Don't perform as well as I would have liked. I was a bit hesitant at first because of the price. It does everything I require. It is set up for 3 separate accounts. Kids can do their homework with ease.

13 Feb 2019

10 /10

Absolutely fantastic device. Really portable and easy to use. Do NOT let the size and also smaller memory / RAM put you off, if you require a device to do light word processing web browsing and studying.

29 Jan 2019

10 /10

This laptop has done everything I need it to do, it performs well and the battery life is great! Perfect for travelling as well

24 Oct 2018

10 /10

Good size, nice and light.

25 Sep 2018

8 /10

Bought this for my family to do homework on and for general web use. Setup was quite painful as you have to create accounts, set up facial recognition and jump through lots of hoops. Once you are setup though it is easy to use. It is a locked down version of Windows 10 though so you have to use MS Edge and Bing as defaults. Simple games run ok in it, I wouldn't recommend it for anything too demanding graphically though. Design and feel though is premium quality.