A powerful slideshow creator, Magix Photostory makes it easy for beginners to quickly create a video of photos while also offering the functionality to really fine tune it. A wide range of features and effects give you the flexibility to make professional standard videos, although getting the very best from the program will take a fair bit of learning.

What is Photostory Deluxe?

Photostory Deluxe is a slideshow creator allowing you to make videos of your still photos, adding effects and setting them to music to watch as a keepsake. It can be a great way of collecting photos from an event such as a wedding or charting milestones such as the first year of a child’s life.

How easy is it to use as a beginner?

With a piece of software like this with so many features and options, it can be a little daunting for the average user. We tested it out as complete beginners and found that with very little effort you could produce something very close to a finished article.

Just select a group of photos in the order you want them to appear and Photostory will set them all up with a varied series of animations and transitions as if someone had poured over it with a lot of care. The standard animations and transitions are also at the subtle end of the scale so it will feel like a classy professional job, rather than an overly fussy piece of 90s clipart.

You can use the timeline menu to drag your photos into a different order and preview your slideshow – although keep in mind the preview will be at a much lower resolution than the final exported version so don’t worry if it looks especially pixelated.

It’s also easy to add music to the background with up to 7 tracks per video. The software does come with some tracks supplied for the purpose, although we found some of these a bit cheesy. For a real personal touch, we would recommend using your own music choices.

Once done you can export your video in a range of formats such as avi and mpeg4 for sharing or burning onto a disc.

Additional features

As well as quickly and easily creating a slideshow you can delve deeper into the features tweaking the assigned transitions and animations, as well as the amount of time each photo gets on screen.

This is where the menu system gets a lot more complicated and if you want to try and get along without the aid of a manual you may find it will take a fair bit of trial and error to get the desired result. Saying that it is fairly intuitively set out and we found it just a matter of time to get the hang of it.

As well as editing the slideshow itself the program does allow you to make limited alterations to the images in the style of a photo editor. It doesn’t have the kind of toolset you would find on a dedicated photo editing suite such as Photoshop, but you will be able to make enhancements within the program rather than having to go back, tweak a photo in another program and then reupload.


The sticky point with Photostory Deluxe is the price as $49 is a significant outlay, especially when there are passable free alternatives. Whether it will be worth spending money on will depend on how much effort you will be putting into your slideshows and the level of finish you will need.

If you just want to animate some of your photos together for social media there are some free options that will be a better choice. However, if you want to put some care into creating a permanent keepsake of the important moments of your life this is a great professional tool.


One of the most impressive things about this software is the ability to create a decent professional slideshow with almost no effort – but if that’s all you are after it’s almost certainly not worth spending this much money. Where Photostory Deluxe really earns its pay is in the more detailed features and ability to drill down into the details – but to get the most out of it will take an investment of time to learn the ropes.

Don't need expertise to produce a good slideshow
Great range of features and tools
Professional level of finish
Can enhance images within the slideshow
Will need time to learn
Music options are limited