The LG 49UH610v, part of the UH610v range (the number at the front just means the size of the screen measured diagonally from corner to corner), is simply a great budget 4k television.

With this TV you’ll get a 4k resolution and HDR – that’s a pretty good deal for $650. Sound quality is excellent too. However you won’t get 3D capability and there is some light from the bottom of the TV, though this is not enough to be distracting.


The cabinet itself is a fairly standard affair, but we think LG could have gone a bit slimmer with the black casing. Where the TV lets itself down though is in the legs – to our eyes, they look very cheap. If you’re going to wall mount the TV this obviously won’t be an issue.

Picture Quality:

The UH610V range boasts 4k – so it basically packs in four times as many pixels as an HD TV.

Out of the box some users have complained that the tones can be a bit orange and that the greens are not calibrated properly – but the range has a very detailed set of options for getting the picture just how you want it.

One web user has complained that there is a small amount of light coming out of the bottom of the screen due to the LED format.

The TV has a 60Hz refresh rate natively, which LG boosts, through its own technology, to appear to be at a rate 120Hz. For most TV shows this is a perfectly acceptable. However, if you are watching a sports match, playing a game or watching a fast paced action movie you may notice a bit of motion blurring. This is incredibly common though in TVs of this price (for example the Samsung UE50KU6000 suffers from exactly the same problem).

The TV also features HDR (which stands for “High Dynamic Range”). Essentially this increases the colour contrast available on your TV. It sounds like a little thing but is just as important as 4k in giving you a lifelike picture. There is much more detail in shadow and light – whites become whiter and blacks become blacker – just like you see in the real world. The picture below gives a good idea of the increase in quality that you can expect.HDR picture exampleHowever there is a problem. At the moment there is a limited amount of content produced that is in 4k and is compatible with HDR. Netflix and Amazon Prime do have some shows that make the most of both and the trend will clearly be to produce programmes in future that are compatible with these technologies. You’ll probably be kicking yourself in a year if you don’t get a telly that is ready for 4k and HDR (and you will probably be kicking yourself in a year if you don’t get a telly that is ready).

In addition, there is upscaling technology included with this model. When you watch a show in high definition it gives you a 4k picture and tries to intelligently fill in the gaps between pixels. It’s not as good as watching a 4k native show, but you can still notice a bit of a jump in quality from standard high definition on the larger screens in this model range (49 inch and up).


The TV uses LG’s ULTRA Surround system. It boasts that it will enable its two-speaker system to perform as a seven-speaker system. The sound quality is great for a stand alone TV, but it definitely doesn’t match a complete surround sound system!

Smart TV Features

The 49UH610v come with LG’s webOS 3.0. This was released in late 2015 and here at The Grade we are big fans of the system.

It’s based around a pop-up toolbar. Popular apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime are included, and you can search and install more apps. You can also access any HDMI connection you make through this menu (e.g. if you connect a set-top box to the TV).webOS 3.0 exampleThe setup is super simple. Lots of people still have a fear wasting an afternoon, reading a manual and pressing random buttons, before you get to watch any programme. This TV, despite even its advanced features, can be set up in a couple of minutes with just a couple of questions about wifi and terms and conditions.

Generally, webOS 3.0 is super fast. We did come across a review by one user that claims apps have had to restart on occasion because of lack of memory. This is not something we came across but as the user acknowledges it is rare and “probably represents one of the ways that LG have managed to produce the set at this price point”.

Other Points:

It has an A+ energy rating, the best rating possible, so you don’t need to worry about it pushing up your electricity bill.


LG UH610V Series
Great TVs at a great price
Good quality picture
Great and intuitive Smart TV features
Strong sound performance for a stand alone TV
No 3D
Slight bit of motion blurring