Let’s All Criticise Caroline Lucas For Showing Passion

Caroline Lucas MP, the head of the Green Party and anti-misogyny campaigner was told to cover up when wearing the “Say No to Page Three” campaign T Shirt in Parliament by Jimmy Hood – an MP so concerned about Parliamentry standards he decided to claime thousands of pounds in Parliamentry expenses without submitting receipts (including up to 400 pounds a month on food).

Jimmy hood

Mr Hood stood laid down the law on Parliamentry dress in a fetching pink jumper.

His outrage peaked at Lucas’ actual display of the newspaper that was being debated – a newspaper that is freely distributed around the House of Commons. As Caroline Lucas wrote in an earlier letter to the Commons authorities:

‚Äč”I do not think that a newspaper that persists in carrying images which are degrading to women should be widely available across the parliamentary estate. I am sure you will be aware that there is a strong link between the portrayal of women as sexual objects with attitudes that underpin violence and discrimination against women and girls.”

Mr Hood continued his ongoing dialogue with the public going on twitter after the event. However, he was strangely quiet on this particular topic, instead continuing his personal campaign for everyone to know how many followers he has:

Jim Hood Twitter

He has 185 followers. Caroline Lucas has 59,000 and constantly engages with the issues the public care about. Still Jim is wearing a regulation tie in his picture.