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8 /10

While not blown away, Digital Trends though the Lenovo YOGA Smart Tab did a good job of doubling as a smart display/home assistant and a tablet. The design could make it feel a bit weird when used as a tablet, but the sound and screen compare well to other tablets out there on the market.

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7 /10

As a tablet for watching movies, streaming music and asking Google Assistant the odd question the Lenovo YOGA Smart Tab performs. it also doubles as a smart screen and generally looks quite nice. Processor performance, while fine for quick tasks, didn't stand up to more intensive jobs. This tablet was seen as good for media consumption, but not so much for productivity.

What users say

07 Dec 2020

10 /10

Lenovo yoga tab
Easy to use. Extreemly durable and well made. Gets dropped from wheelchair at least once a month. Latest model has twice the memory capacity. Being disabled it's easy to turn on and off and has a good built in stand. Would buy again and recommend to anyone.

24 Nov 2020

8 /10

New tablet
Bought to replace old Huawei tablet that was slowing down and didn't get on with Google anymore.... this is much faster having a newer Android version. Very comfortable to hold due to the design. Also battery life is much better. I would definitely recommend this tablet

19 Nov 2020

8 /10

Useful tablet for online meetings & productivity
Bought to use with Microsoft Teams, email, and some leisure activities. The fold-out stand is great for online meetings and the tablet, with the side bar is comfortable to hold. I don't use Google Assistant (it is not particularly useful and I only end-up getting annoyed with it). Only small gripes is that it almost requires daily charging and the touch screen can be over-sensitive. I would be happy to recommend to a friend.

18 Nov 2020

10 /10

Great value and goo features
The positives are the speakers are good. Its a cool form factor and has a built in stand which is very handy. I have been using it for all my TV - Netflix. Now Tv, etc using Chromecast. Slightly heavier than most tablets. Have had issues with it dropping WiFi occasionally.

08 Jul 2020

10 /10

Good quality long battery life
Very good design, jbl speakers give you nice sound long battery life. Extra storage upgrade Camera give you almost same quality of pictures as phone. I was using ipad and I have to say no more apple product. Easy to use without paying for everything.

09 Jun 2020

10 /10

Ergonomic shape and excellent speakers
The shape is very comfortable for reading while handheld and the flip out stand. Plenty of speed to run my news apps and the android versions of office. Combined with a compact bluetooth keyboard it makes a small and portable workstation.

03 Jun 2020

10 /10

Great tablet
Good value to the price, have everything my daughter were looking for and was available for next day. Great.

02 Jun 2020

10 /10

Best tablet for sound quality
This is a bit different from your average tablet. It has two unique selling points - one is a flip-out stand. which is really handy for watching videos. The other is the fact that it has high quality stereo speakers, so you can use it as an internet radio, for example. There is actually a third point - it has the google assistant built in so you can say something like "play gold radio" and it goes straight to that station. Otherwise it's like any other android tablet with good build quality.

30 Apr 2020

2 /10

Slow poor performance
Slow and crashes regularly. Good speakers and screen and thats about it

15 Apr 2020

2 /10

Faulty af
The faultiest pad ever. Cant describe the frustration it has caused me. Cant wait to return it.

26 Mar 2020

10 /10

exceptional device
Picture perfect, sound exceptional, price very good, customer service brilliant. if your looking for a brilliant tablet,and ereader look no further. My grandson has both Samsung and apple tablets (ipad) he certainly prefers this Lenovo tablet to both of his, now its costing me to buy him one the same for his 11th birthday!! Whats nana's for?

25 Mar 2020

10 /10

Excellent tablet
I had an old Lenovo tablet and was happy with it, but as Lenovo were not upgrading the security in line with Google Android updates, (no update for 3 years) I decided to buy a tablet with a more up to date version of Android. This tablet is quick, reliable and does a great job for my needs. Battery life is reasonable and better than my old tablet. Sound quality is good. All in all, a nice tablet.