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my next tablet logo

8 /10

Solid performance, a stripped back version of Android, RAM for days, high end built and design and a lovely screen were all listed as plus points by My Next Tablet. However, you can't watch Netflix in HD on this tablet (for some reason you can only go past standard definition). Poor speakers and camera were also listed as cons.

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7 /10

A vibrant screen (that can be transformed into a smart display), good design and a stripped-back user-friendly operating system meant the Tab M10 had some things going for it. However, battery life was poor and performance was a bit sluggish. Even for this low-ish price there are some better options out there.

What users say

14 Mar 2021

10 /10

Very good quality for it's low cost
I purchased the Lenovo - Tab M10 FHD Plus - 10.3" tablet since I needed an affordable, yet powerful for my needs, Android tablet. This being my first Android tablet I loved that it is similar in function to my Android phone, and I can customize it more than my iPads also. It is compact and thin, but I did add a screen protector and tough case to protect further. I'm not too concerned about storage, even if it is 32GB internally, and can even add external memory if needed. I also like the multiple user feature. I deleted the Guest mode and created a new user with different home and lock screens than the Admin user screens. Similar to how Windows 10 can have multiple users this tablet does the same. Screen is sharp but my business usage is not affected by how many pixels the screen has nor by the sound quality, which is good for movie watching. All in all, I'm satisfied with this tablet. I feel it would be a good entry level Android tablet for any user.

08 Mar 2021

10 /10

Best Tablet for Old and young kids!!
I adore lenovo tablets especially this new 10.3 inch at $125! Its clear 1080 resolution. Its the Only brand that includes FM/AM radio (no Internet needed)! Samsung or Apple don't include. Easy to use! Enlarged font on all tablet. Plus includes a tip app which has easy instructions to how to use tablet. No other brand provides this. I highly recommend this tablet 100% Best Price, Best Quality, Best Everything!

29 Jan 2021

8 /10

Good Choice For Tighter Budgets....
Basic no frills, not too cheap not too pricey tablet. Like the Dolby stereo feature for videos or games. I was using an older Samsung 8" previously & just wanted a bigger screen to better enjoy movies. This Lenovo doesn't have all the bells & whistles of more expensive brands, but it does do the all expected functions just fine. No complaints so far.

27 Jan 2021

8 /10

S bit slower than I thought it might have been
Nice slim tablet. In some apps it takes a few seconds to react. The volume does come up on the screen for a few seconds after adjustment. The speakers are good and can be loud enough to hear soft sounds. Recommend to get a cover for it as might break if dropped. Luckily the on and off is short, as the battery life in a standby mode seems to eat power.

01 Jan 2021

10 /10

Ideal for 5 year old kid
Its cheaper compare to samsung and worked perfectly fine for my 5 year old kid. Recommended.

12 Dec 2020

8 /10

So far this seems like a very nice tablet. Especially for the investment. I watched a few movies and the screen is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The sound “Dolby Atmos” seems a bit quiet, but overall sounds GREAT! I purchased this as a tablet for a DJI Mavic Pro. I noticed a lag in either memory processing or possibly the UAV is not compatible as an iPad etc.. but so far it seamlessly connected without issue. And once again, the screen is in line with the Retina Screen on my MacBook Pro or iPad Pro- I gave it 4 stars due to the fact it is a tad slow. 2GB memory is inherently going to be a bit lagging on some applications and this is reflective in the price point. I find it far better than the Samsung A8 model in roughly the same price arena. So I recommend this to anyone making that decision.

11 Nov 2020

10 /10

lovely Tablet
I bought this for my mum it's a great looking tablet works fast and easy to follow for a older person who isn't the best with Technology. she loves it and as it was a replacement for her Samsung she feels it is better and wouldn't go back to a Samsung

05 Nov 2020

8 /10

Great tablet for the price
This tablet is a good size and can actually show a FHD screen depending on what you're watching. I'd recommend it as a budget alternative to more expensive ones.

23 Oct 2020

8 /10

Lenovo 10 inch tablet
I bought 2 of these- one for me and one for my wife. Compared to tablets I've owned in the past, this 10" Lenovo looks, performs well and is fast enough for everyday entertainment and internet. There may be better, but not for the price of the Lenovo. The only thing I didn't like is the SD card tray. Juggling the card while trying to slide the tray in place was no fun as the card kept trying to slip out of position. Once installed I don't expect to have to handle it again. I had been used to Android 7 and learning to make my way around Andoid 9 settings in this tablet took a little time. Some features I liked are missing from the Android 9 settings.

06 Oct 2020

10 /10

Good value for money
Excellent product for the money and very easy to set up and use. Keyboard is very positive and ideal for sausage fingers. Watched the football on it and the HD screen was very good quality, I forgot I was watching on a small screen. Click and collect was easy and the price was very competitive. Overall I'm extremely pleased with my purchase.

03 Oct 2020

10 /10

Best Tablet
We took our daughter's tablet in due to it no longer being able to be charged. We were told to see if we could find a replacement as they would not be able to be fixed. We ended up finding this one. It turned out to be even better than the first tablet we got. My daughter loves her new tablet and I am glad we went with this choice.

16 Sep 2020

2 /10

Not as advertised
Despite the photo, this product does NOT include the docking Station as photographed. Purchased and had to return immediately. Customer Service agreed that the product is misrepresented.

16 Sep 2020

10 /10

Practical tablet
No docking station included with this item. This tablet has great specifications great battery life that tells you approx time left to use. Is quick on startup with excellent picture and sound it's also thin and very light.

02 Sep 2020

8 /10

Great looking piece of kit
Pros : good quality, well built metallic like case. Great screen quality and ok sound Battery life is good on the right settings Plenty of power for most apps and games Cons: quite thin and the screen takes up almost all the front of the tablet, can be a pain when holding it Battery gets a pummeling of you change the screen settings to watch films etc I would recommend it though, and would get again. Hint: get a decent case up front, helps with handling

15 Aug 2020

8 /10

Good enough
I use it to watch streaming tv and play google play game apps on because games and tv is more fun with a larger screen as I previously used my phone for these items. The tablet has frozen up a few times, I held the power button down and it restarted itself. Overall, good enough for what I use it for. Volume is good. Battery is just kinda ehhh.. but good enough

15 Jul 2020

8 /10

Good tablet
Its a good tablet does the job correctly and charges fast. Full battery for long hours easy to maneuver and very thin worth the $$ .

15 Jun 2020

6 /10

Good, but not that good
This tablet is well built with metal case and feels good in hand. Great screen colours when streaming but sound lacking. Surfing feels snappy although reaction to input sluggish. This will not play games with action very well and stutters with content rich games. It is adequate for young family use for internet and media, external storage and case advisable. Google docs work well as long as not to many apps open at once. Quality tablet but lacking in abilities.