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good housekeeping logo

9 /10

Good Housekeeping tested the Cheffette mostly as a hand mixer and was very impressed with it, although the weight was considered enough to justify making use of the stand mixer attachment. It got great scores on the cake mixing and dough kneading tasks, although didn’t do quite so well with whisking.

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9 /10

Trusted Reviews was impressed with the sturdy build and dishwasher safe parts, although the weight was a concern. The lack of a whisk attachment meant whisking isn’t its strong point, but you do still get a decent amount of accessories for the price including the stand and metal bowl.

What users say

10 Dec 2020

2 /10

Pros: Reviewer left no comment
Cons: on the first time of using dough hook with dough for a small loaf, the motor burnt out.

13 Nov 2020

1 /10

Pros: Reviewer left no comment
Cons: Would be good if it didn’t smoke and burn out during first time use.

27 Oct 2020

8 /10

Pros: The stand allows creaming and mixing without making my arm ache.The whisk is fairly powerful so ideal for sponges and meringues, even single christmas cake preliminary creaming. The dough hooks are OK for pastry.
Cons: As earlier revues have said, it is not strong enough for bread dough unless very small quantities. So if this is what you need save up for a proper stand mixer e.g the prospero. Don't, however go, for a cheaper make as seen in online shops. They are not worth it!

18 Oct 2020

1 /10

Pros: Powerful
Cons: The plastic ring around the bowl has broken within the first month which means the bowl won't now turn. Poor design!

02 Oct 2020

8 /10

Pros: The good things are many and do think it resembles good value for money
Cons: Struggles making bread, slightly under powered and could really do with a splash guard

23 May 2019

10 /10

Brilliant mixer for someone with dexterity issues
I brought this for my mother who does not have the strength to hold a hand mixer for long now. It clicks easily on off the stand, to use both ways. It's very easy to use and clean, even the bowl moves round while using it on the stand. The bowl lid fits on easy too (ideal for holding in iceing sugar dust). As the whole unit is a lot smaller than a normal stand mixer it fits easy on the work top, and it isn't too heavy to lift if you want to put it away. Would highly recommend.

06 Nov 2018

8 /10

Great mixer
I was drawn to this mixer for the size and hand/stand mixing options. The overall footprint is a good space saver unlike some bulkier stand mixers that you can't store away in cupboards when not in use. At the same time it has a deep enough bowl to mix a good quantity of cake batter or dough. I love how the beaters are on the side instead of centred as that helps to keep the mix even without leaving stuff to scrap from the edges of the bowl. Bowl spins to mix evenly.

02 Sep 2014

10 /10

Wanted this mixer for a while
It is even better than I expected, with 5 speeds a deep and solid stainless steel bowl. The cover which fits tightly over the bowl, means it can be kept on the worktop ready to instantly use (I have no space to store it) The beaters reach to the bottom of the bowl so small quantities are able to be mixed and it rotates. I am delighted with it. and the first "light sponge" cake has been made with it.