Karcher SC3 Upright Steam Mop Review

Karcher SC3 Upright Steam Mop
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7 /10

"I would not recommend cleaning wooden floors with the Kärcher steam cleaner or any steam cleaner for that matter. The device is best for the toughest job of removing grime and dirt in the kitchen and bathroom, on stone or tiles."

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25 Jun 2020

10 /10

Excellent steam cleaner
Compact, good quality, easy to use and effective. Would get five stars if there were clips or equivalent to help stow the power cord and steam tube after use. We've found this model to shift stains in sinks, clean those difficult areas around taps etc, and to clean work tops, floors and individual items effectively. Lightweight (easy to carry up stairs) and no need to worry about water tank - it fills easily and heats up very fast.

24 Jun 2020

8 /10

My new best friend
Excellent product for cleaning bathroom. It shortened cleaning time by half. It didn’t do very well with the oven. It cleaned glass inside without any issues but it struggled with everything else. I had to spray inside of the oven with oven cleaning product and leave it overnight before using karcher. Also, it would be better if water tank would have visible water level as if you use something smaller than 1 litre jug you need to remember how much ml you’ve put inside otherwise you will overfill

17 Jun 2020

10 /10

Steam cleaning made easy
This steamer is as good as it claims to be. It’s lightweight and quick to heat up which makes it ideal for my wife to use. I tested it a little on our shower and couldn’t stop as it was so easy to use-swapping heads and shortening or lengthening in seconds. The trigger switch to control steam makes it safe and the 1 litre capacity lasts long enough for most tasks. It refills/re-heats back up so quickly it’s effortless. A great investment to any home with so many uses.Sanitising with only water.

03 Jun 2020

8 /10

Very Easy to Use
Karcher SC3 is a cylinder steam cleaner. It provides about 20mins if steam. It is easy to fill and heats quickly. It can be topped up quickly when empty. Moving it around is simple and there is a good range of tools. I am happy to recommend it.

27 May 2020

10 /10

Brilliant steam cleaner! Doing a deep clean during lockdown. It would be better if you could see the water level to help with topping it up and if the power lead and gun tubing could be neatly tidied away. Had to buy extra attachments (fine point nozzle and carpet glider).

05 Dec 2019

10 /10

Looks great but have not yet used it!
Looks great but have not yet used it! Sorry

10 Jul 2019

8 /10

Good but not perfect
In hindsight I’d have preferred not to have the easy fix but the cleaning head with tabs which would hold any cloth not just the Karcher. This allows use of any cloth rather than having to buy spares made for the easy fix. The cleaner leaves the floor wet enough to take 20-30 minutes to dry but I’m experimenting with settings to remedy this.

07 May 2019

10 /10

Fast cleaning and easy to use
Bought this item based on reviews it does exactly what it says cleans the whole house with ease 5 stars

01 Aug 2018

10 /10

It’s easy to work and cleans great.
It cleans great, it’s more an item for regular cleans than deep cleans but it has kept my carpets looking and feeling new.

07 Feb 2018

8 /10

Powerful steam cleaner
Very powerful steam jet, lasts quite a bit too. It could do with a few more accessories and options to store both those and the power cord, but other than that I'm happy with it.