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What the experts say

8 /10

While the JTX Cyclo 6 was noted as being very heavy, Workout Machines still felt able to give it 4.2/5 stars. The awesome build quality, massive 22kg flywheel with infinite resistance, pulse senses and quiet operation make the Cyclo 6 a winner.

What users say

02 Feb 2021

10 /10

Really love this bike. Wanted something comparable to a spin class bike and to be honest this feels better. High quality, really heavy duty but still comfortable to ride.

05 Jan 2021

7 /10

Very sturdy and solid bike. Down side is that even with the seat and handle bars at the nearest points I struggle to reach the handle bars in a comfortable position. I'm 5'4. So anyone my height or smaller it's worth considering. It's a shame as to look at the handlebars the design could be slightly altered so they slide right back towards the seat. Im getting used to having to lean over more but its an expensive piece of equipment to not be completely comfortable.

24 Nov 2020

8 /10

I have to give it a 4. It is a high quality piece of kit, easily assembled and the service from JTZ has been great. The down side for me and my partner was the saddle, after a very short time my anatomy had been ruined. I had to by a ISM Split saddle, which I highly recommend. To improve things the site ought to have different saddles as add-ons, which can be added onto the purchase price. Overall, a great product and I have recommended it to several members of staff in work, just watchout for your lowers bits. I don't think I'll add a picture, I don't want to frighten any kids..

18 Nov 2020

6 /10

The bike is of excellent quality. It is, however, designed for someone taller than me. I'm 5'3", and even on the smallest settings, the bike is an uncomfortable ride for me. I have actually had to put the seat lower than the first pin hole so that I can reach the pedals. I can't reach the pulse sensors on the handles at all, and have to rely on a polar strap monitor instead. The racing seat that it came with was painful to use, to the point that it stopped me from exercising altogether. I had to purchase the softer padded seat separately instead. That said, I can now use the bike, and it feels solid and stable, with a smooth ride.