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7 /10

Trusted Reviews thought that in many ways the Huawei MatePad Pro was up there with the best tablets and perhaps the best Android tablet. Its design, albeit reminiscent of the iPad was sleek, its display was fantastic and it was packed with fantastic hardware (including very fast charging). However, the lack of Google support, most noticeably the lack of the Google Play store, meant this tablet was heavily flawed. Strong hardware, lacking software.

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7 /10

Pocket Lint was impressed by the physical tablet too. Beautifully thin bezels, a great display and enviable battery life meant this tablet had so much potential. The fatal flaw, it was agreed, was that Huawei's App Gallery just can't live up to the Google Play Store.

8 /10

IT Pro was less concerned about the lack of access to Google services. Apps like Microsoft Office were available on Huawei's App Gallery and apps such as Netflix and Spotify could just be copied over from a phone. Generic software for playing music, watching movies and doing some work were also available. The hardware was a hit with the processor and screen being praised (though it was felt that the latter could do with being a bit bigger). Despite all this, the equivalent iPad was still favoured.

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