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What the experts say

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8 /10

Expert Reviews reckon the Huawei Band 3 Pro is a great budget alternative to some of the more expensive fitness trackers currently on sale. Excellent battery life, nice design and built-in GPS are stand out points. The GPS can be hit and miss however and it doesn't connect to all tracking apps.

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8 /10

Pocket-Lint also liked the Huawei Band 3 Pro as a budget tracker with heart rate and GPS features that don't normally come at this price. It was also pretty comfortable to wear. The GPS definitely isn't 100% reliable though and the touch screen means you really can't use it when swimming.

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9 /10

Trusted Reviews were even more amazed that so much had been packed in for such a little price. As well as the features already mentioned they liked the bright OLED screen. They agreed swimming was an issue for touch screen.

What users say

30 Jan 2020

6 /10

A great product with great features, the Huawei band 3 pro is great for most things the average person and even runners would need, the faces are limited but you can't change a normal watch face anyway, the only thing that does this product a disservice, it the cheaper product made by the same company that has more to offer? Do the research and get it right 1st time.

13 Nov 2019

8 /10

Great product to use. Battery life not so great.

30 Oct 2019

6 /10

I already had the Band 2 & thought I'd upgrade, but the Band 2 is better. On the Band 2 the messages appear lengthwise and are easy to read. On this band they appear across the narrow part and are too small to read. It's very bad design.

11 Sep 2019

10 /10

Bought this as a gift for my wife's birthday and was dubious at first as we have had a lot of sports watches previously. However my wife loves it and you can buy protective covers and change straps if needed. Pedometer is really accurate too. Would recommend.

22 Jul 2019

2 /10

Really disappointing.. I was excited that huawei had brought a fitness watch out as fit bits are not compatible with my Huawei phone.. Seems Huawei aren't even compatible with Huawei either.. Watch didn't count steps indoors which is rather pointless.. Seems this is a common problem as read reviews online.. Returned watch

10 Jul 2019

6 /10

Difficult ot use. Needs a set of instructions.

02 Jul 2019

10 /10

Uncertain about buying my first wearable fitness tracker, I read every review I could find, but couldn't decide which to go for. I settled on Huawei Band 3 Pro Fitness Tracker due to compact size & cost. I am amazed how useful this piece of kit is! Compact & comfortable to wear. Battery lasts almost a full week per charge with all features enabled. Phone app displays useful stats in accessible format. No instructions to speak of which is a real shame, but easy to work out by trial and error.

22 Mar 2019

6 /10

The best thing about the product is the bright, clear, colour display. Heart rate monitoring is ok if it's in good contact with your skin, and the gps tracker works reasonably in country areas. Unfortunately the altitude feature just doesn't work at all so any calorie counts for a walk/run are bound to be inaccurate in hilly areas. The number of steps reported to the Huwawei Health App on my iPhone are not the same as shown on the Band 3 display - a really fundamental bug.

13 Mar 2019

8 /10

Had this tracker for a few days and was on the verge of returning it as it wasn't recording any data. I have tattoos and apparently they can affect the optical sensor and prevent it from working properly. Spun it round and it appears to work fine. It's not ideal but I can live with it. Now I'm able to bore the wife with heart rate, sleep and step count info. That's what she gets for putting Emmerdale on.

03 Jan 2019

10 /10

My Son is ten years of age and was very pleased to receive this Fitness Tracker for Christmas. He finds it comfortable, easy to use and informative. A major plus that it is waterproof! It is everything that it’s main competitor does but half the price!! Fab, couldn’t ask for anything more.