How Do Teachers View Michael Gove?

YouGov has just released the results of a poll of 826 teachers who were asked about the performance of Michael Gove and the Coalition. It’s a damning end of year report for Education Secretary and the Coalition.

1) 82% say academies and free schools are not taking education in the right direction.

Michael Gove Classroom

For those teachers actually working in academies and free schools the figure is a whopping 75%.

2) 74% say their morale has gone down since the last election.


71% say they do not feel trusted by the Government.

3) Half of those asked reported malnutrition or hunger affecting pupils.


4) 67% favour strike action


4) 79% say Michael Gove has had a negative impact overall.


5) 93% say schools should not hire unqualified teachers.


6) Only 12% would vote Tory if the election was tomorrow.

Michael Gove as Vicar