Hoover Steam Capsule 2in1 CA2IN1D Steam Mop Review

Hoover Steam Capsule 2in1 CA2IN1D Steam Mop
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9 /10

"Although primarily a steam mop, the Hoover Steam Capsule 2in1 has the power and accessories to tackle pretty much any job. It excels on hard floors, with both a microfibre cloth and stiff brush, but works well for cleaning surface stains on carpets, too."

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23 Jul 2020

4 /10

Pros: Reviewer left no comment
Cons: no words in the manual, only images. NO indication of how far away from an object to hold the steamer. no indication of how speed at which one should pass over an object. customer services at Hoover don't know, say they will find out and revert by calling back.. surprise surprise, still waiting after 5 weeksWish I had bought a different brand, wish I had bought a floor model as this is heavy

16 Apr 2020

10 /10

Pros: Easy to use and get attachments on and off. Lightweight and easily manoeuvrable. Amazing at getting grease off the oven
Cons: Some way of keeping all the small attachments together would be useful.

15 Apr 2020

9 /10

Pros: Quick and easy to use and seems to give a great amount of steam
Cons: issues on first unboxing meant it did not work and had to fix it myself by sorting the pickup arm in the water container that was upside down. manual or website had no troubleshooting for this simple issue.

14 Apr 2020

10 /10

Pros: I really like the quick heat up time as you're ready to get cleaning within minutes of turning on.Our entire ground floor is a textured woodgrain vinyl but the Hoover Steam Mop 2 in 1 really does a thorough job. Our household is made up of 5 adults, 1 dog and a cat, it's busy round here, especially since we're all here all the time!We're all used to a pleasant scent after we've cleaned but we shouldn't forget that comes from chemical additives. To check it's cleaning, if you're in ant doubt, just look at the mop head when you're done!If you're after a chemical free lightweight way of cleaning your floors then this is the tool for you.
Cons: Reviewer left no comment

03 Apr 2020

8 /10

Pros: + Very lightweight! I have an injury at the moment which means I need to ask someone to get the vacuum out and bring it over to me as I shouldn't be lifting it, but this is so much lighter than a vacuum cleaner.+ Ergonomic design, very comfortable to use in my opinion.+ With a bit of time and effort, it got rid of stubborn kitchen floor stains that were there when we moved in and I had given up hope of getting rid of!+ Your mileage may vary on this one, but I found it immensely satisfying to use. It makes a quiet noise and gets to work immediately, and watching the muck disappear as you gently glide it back and forth almost feels like an exercise in mindfulness in these uncertain times of quarantine!+ Doesn't leave floors as wet as mopping. Yes, floors will be warm and slightly wet, but not at all sodden.+ Easy to use once set up. Plug in and go!+ Pictorial instructions and written instructions.+ Different components for cleaning different areas.+ Very versatile and bends and twists easily to go where you want it to go.+ No special detergent needed. A fairly eco-friendly way of doing a thorough antibacterial clean.
Cons: - A trigger needs to be held down continuously while using the steam cleaner. I didn't find this to be a problem but it may prove difficult or annoying for some people.- The written instructions were slightly confusing at first - may have been translated from a different language into English? However, in combination with the pictorial instructions, it's not hard to make sense of them.- I think some of the components had been jostled slightly in transit, which meant that it took a combination of the written and pictorial instructions and the brains of two of us to figure out how to set up the steam cleaner. However, once it's set up it's good to use and very easy to operate.- It takes a bit of a knack to use (slow, sustained pushing back and forth) but works well once you get to grips with this- If you're cleaning a hardwood floor that has bits/crumbs/hair on it, you will need to vacuum the floor prior to steam cleaning to get a good result, though I think this is just the way steam cleaners work rather than a fault of the product itself!- Occasionally, the steam cleaner would fold or stand back up without me meaning to. This was only a slight annoyance though and is the trade-off for it being so easy to fold and stand back up when you actually want it to!