History “Student” Writing In Favour Of Michael Gove Is Actually A Tory PR Executive

A piece entitled Left-wing thinking still prevails in schools¬†has appeared on The Telegraph website. It was apparently written by a History and Politics Graduate who just had to get off his chest how the left wing influenced his own education. Here’s a snippet of his views on his teachers:

the majority of them were rabidly Left-wing and the subjects they chose for their students matched their own misguided outlook on society

Well they certainly didn’t teach him about the importance of reviewing sources when analysing a text as it turns out Jago Pearson who wrote the piece is actually working as a Tory PR executive for Media Intelligence Partners….a fact he forgot to disclose when discussing his recent “personal experiences” of education.

Jago Pearson Michael Gove

Many have called Michael Gove a “Master of the Dark Arts” but this ploy is so see through that it’s embarrassing. “Pillock of the Dark Arts” is a more apt title.