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What the experts say

7 /10

TechRadar considered the 50U7QFTUKto be a very sharp 4K TV for its price, although the lack of refinement in its smart features and some motion judder held it back from competing with more expensive sets from established competitors. The upscaling of HD content to 4K quality especially impressed as did the HDR which, while it was only 8-bit rather than top of the range 10-bit, still looked great and is compatible with both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ formats. The sound was fairly average, so it may be worth considering pairing it with external speakers or a soundbar.

what hifi logo

6 /10

What Hi-Fi thought the 50U7QFTUK suffered from some critical flaws and you should only consider it if it is heavily discounted. Despite reporting a good HDR picture and dark details, trouble with motion handling and poor sound from the built-in speakers meant it only was considered an average performer. A lack of detail at 4K was also a concern and even at this price What Hi-Fi felt there were better options.

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6 /10

Stuff was impressed with the size and spec of the 50U7QFTUK’s screen for the price and found it capable of producing good colour balance and high detail levels, but poor sound, a hefty chassis and struggles with 24fps content meant it only got a middling score. Handling motion at 24fps was a particular problem for the set so movie watching could be uncomfortable, with Stuff calling it mildly ragged.

What users say

07 Feb 2021

5 /10

Pros: HD picture excellent colours, sound very good, no soundbar needed
Cons: For a tv with so many good reviews, I didn't expect the picture to Jerk so often, it's very off-putting. Even changed the ariel plug but no difference

29 Dec 2020

9 /10

Pros: Reviewer left no comment
Cons: HDMI Socket also AVI very tight against wall when wall mounted, first time I put it on wall bracket bent HDMI socket connector, broke it, had to get new cable lucky TV HDMI socket did not break

18 Dec 2020

2 /10

Pros: Easy to install and set up.
Cons: Picture quality is really poor. Struggle with any form of fast motion and despite switching off all additional picture assistant settings, motion blur was a bad problem with this television which resulted in it being sent back. Would not recommend.

03 Dec 2020

10 /10

Pros: Screen is amazing excellent picture quality it’s a full array led screen so the blacks are black not washed out setup is easy one of the best things is that it’s hdr future proof having hdr hdr+ Dolby vision and Dolby audio and hybrid log gamma so grab a bargain.
Cons: Sound out of speakers is average but that can be said for most thin TVs I have mine through a sound bar that makes a big difference.

30 Nov 2020

8 /10

Great value 4K HDR TV
I will also mention that delivery initially did not go to plan and I received the wrong television, but Richer Sounds Hanley were always easy to reach and easy to deal with and after the initial stress the right set arrived. They are a lot more helpful and reachable than some companies. But as this is a review of the Hisense i'll leave that there.

15 Nov 2020

5 /10

Pros: Stylish TV design in a lightweight package.
Cons: It's version of the Google App store is extremely poor and limited especially when it comes to installing IPTV apps.

10 /10

All you could want in a telly !
I had never heard of Hisense,but did some research and decided to buy. I have not been disappointed ! Great picture,sound as good as most,although I have added a sound bar as a luxury. Has all the smart features and overall I am very pleased.

10 /10

Super sharp picture and perfect size.
I've only had this TV for a week so am unable yet to comment on it's reliability but, so far, I'm really impressed with it's features.Bought it to replace a ten year old 42" LG plasma which has been a great TV but starting to show its age.I researched thoroughly on Youtube etc.for the best set for my needs and budget and came across this lesser known brand. We already have a Hisense Fridge/freezer and have been very happy with this, so already had some experience of the brand.The new TV had to fit in the alcove between the chimney breast and the wall and this set fits perfectly with a few millimetres to spare owing to its remarkably thin bezel. In fact, it's so thin, you hardly notice it! Up till now, we always thought our limit would be a 43" set but we were delighted and somewhat relieved when we slid it perfectly into place!The image quality is amazing with deep blacks and bright whites and 4k sources are simply stunning! Can't wait for more 4k material to be broadcast so we can make the most of this brilliant set.The upscaling of SD and HD broadcasts is exquisite too and HD material looks almost as good as UHD.I would strongly advise looking on Youtube for instructional videos on how to configure the many parameters in the settings menu to get the most out of this set. I, personally, have found the "Cinema Day" setting to be the most natural for accurate skin tones etc. If, like me, you watch a lot of sport, you'll also need to experiment with the smooth motion settings to avoid motion blur.I can't comment on sound quality as I have it connected to a Yamaha soundbar but the general consensus seems to be that the in-built speakers are adequate for most people's needs.All in all, a fantastic TV for a very competitive price. Buy it!!!!!!

10 /10

Great purchase
I've had this TV now for 10 days and I'm very pleased with it. I was not sure if buying an unknown brand was the right choice but have no regrets. It appears to be very well built, the picture and sound is fantastic and all I hoped it would be.Very easy to set up and use plus as usual Richersounds where honest and helpful.

10 /10

Lovely picture and loads of features
We've only had our new 50" Hisense TV for 10 days, but so far so good. Ordered online on a Monday and delivered free in less than 48 hours. Quick and easy to set up (with help from a tech savvy son) and no fiddling with settings as all good straight out of the box. Certainly better than the 9yo 40" Samsung Smart TV that it replaced and which cost nearly £200 more back in 2011, and with so many more features, so no need any more for a Wi-Fi dongle and Amazon Fire Stick. Even has dedicated buttons on the remote for Netflix, Prime TV and Youtube. Have tested out the 4k via YouTube and the sharpness is top notch, with so much more detail than HD. Excellent vfm and 6 year free guarantee too, thanks to Richer Sounds

10 /10

Excellent television
Bought this television in a bit of a hurry following my older, lovely JVC suddenly stopped working after 14.5 years of use. Having researched all day I decided to buy this one. I've been using it now for 12 days and I'm delighted with the picture quality and sound. Having been used to an older, and at the time one of the most expensive HD tvs, I thought I'd be lucky to find a TV with similar picture quality for a reasonable price. This TV vastly exceeded my expectations. The picture definition and colour application is razor sharp, whilst maintaining natural colour. I couldn't find any other retailer who offered it with a 6 year guarantee included. The advice I received when purchasing this TV from Richer Sounds was excellent as is their 6 year warranty. What I got for the price of this TV blew me away. Awesome buy.

10 /10

Hisense 50U7QFTUK
Bought this TV over the phone 2 weeks ago from the Brighton branch. My first choice Tv was a Philips which was delivered,had this for 1day, but felt the picture wasn`t as i expected on 4k. Phoned the shop and spoke to Rosie who was brilliant, decided to go with the Hisense. Delivered the next day and the old one collected. Setting up the Hisense was easy, the picture is sharp and vivid and works well with an amazon echo on all functions.Has alexa built in although we do not use it as we have stand alone echos.Some reviews talk about motion judder which we have not experienced.Richer Sounds have been great and the 6 year warranty is a real plus,somthing you not from the other big retailer unless you pay extra. Thanks Richer Sounds especially Rosie at Brighton.