H2O HD Advanced Steam Mop Review

H2O HD Advanced Steam Mop
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9 /10

Ideal Homes loved the H2O HD so much that they awarded it an "Approved" badge. A clever design (including the ability to easily fold down for storage) and good cleaning ability made this a winner. Startup does take 30 seconds, but once that's out the way it is ready to roll.

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What users say

20 Mar 2021

10 /10

Pros: Quick to heat up and ready to use.
Cons: Reviewer left no comment

16 Mar 2021

8 /10

Pros: It does what it says.
Cons: Just the hand held part is slightly on the heavier side.

13 Mar 2021

10 /10

Pros: Really easy to set up and use. Makes floor care a breeze.
Cons: Reviewer left no comment

08 Mar 2021

10 /10

Pros: It's easy to use, it makes all the cleaning jobs around the house a joy to do.
Cons: The only disappointment is that there are no extra pads so while washing one set you can get on with the cleaning

05 Mar 2021

10 /10

Pros: everything is good about the steam mop, does what it should, and that is clean to a high standard
Cons: nothing i can think off

30 Jan 2019

10 /10

Looks cool!
Very easy to use, quick and easy set up done with no problems. Made with good and steady materials. Would definitely recommend.reccomend.

28 Nov 2018

10 /10

Hot, Steamy, Effective
Bought this to replace a vax equivalent which died. This is much better, slides under furniture, good sized head, a lot of steam and easy to manoeuvre. It hasn't a large water tank but it lasts for all my four hard floors so that is fine. There is no hand trigger so you have to switch the steam on or off, on the body of the unit. The three settings provide good cleaning options. It also comes with handy accessories for other jobs too. All in all a very efficient cleaner.

16 Feb 2018

2 /10

Waste of time steamer
In my opinion this comes with too many gadgets that will never get used as too time consuming, the machine makes the floors and walls so wet that you need a towel to dry them with. Very unimpressed

22 Nov 2017

2 /10

Leaks water instead of steam
Having used the mop twice, it has leaked copious amounts of water on both occasions despite trying all the steam settings, leaving my tiled floors soaking wet and when they dry they are water stained and looking much worse than if I had mopped them using a regular mop. Very disappointed. Am returning to store for refund.

01 Mar 2017

8 /10

Does a great job, however...
Pleased and comes with many attachments. Would point out 2 negative things. Base doesn't lock securely in place with handle when in upright position. Any slight movement, whole handle falls backwards landing horizontally on the floor, so am concerned about damage, also the top cord hook is upside down. Could understand this if, when you dropped the handle, it then rotated round the right way but it doesn't. Pictures online do show hook upside down but Thane's demo video shows it right way up.

21 Sep 2016

10 /10

Amazing steam machine
I can't believe how impressed I was with this product...from the build quality to every function it can do...it has more uses than just doing the floor...and it does those brilliantly...I am 100% happy with my decision to purchase this little green steam machine

21 Oct 2015

8 /10

Exceptional Steam Mop with Poor Attachments
This steam mop is exceptional at cleaning your floors, whether it be wood, laminate carpets or tiles. It has three different power settings so you can adjust the steam pressure according to how stubborn the dirt is. However the water/steam of the floors does not dry as quickly as advertised on the television adverts. The other features such as the window cleaner and fabric steamer are very poor. It cleans well enough but its a struggle to actual use the attachments. Definitely recommend it.

11 Mar 2015

2 /10

The steam mop generates steam well, but as a mop it lays down way too much water, or the mop attachments are incapable of mopping up the water (gets drenched too quickly), so much so that you need an "ordinary" mop to clean up after this one! Very disappointing. The mop also has a filter that emits a pungent "fishy" odour which engulfs the house #note this filter needs regular changing, so that's an additional expense!. The mop cannot stand upright by itself and lacks a solid build quality.