Guild 3 In 1 Multi Tool Review
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9 /10

The Review Den felt the Guild 3-in-1 300W Multi Tool offered quality and a decent price.

What users say

10 Mar 2021

10 /10

Never mind the name
Its the tools performance not the name and worth buying

05 Jan 2021

10 /10

Completed the job far beyond my expectations
This tool has many uses. I needed to remove and replace grouted in my bathroom tiles. This little work horse made light of a daunting job. Excellent and well worth the money, would recommend.

24 Nov 2020

10 /10

Turns everything into butter!
I bought this to remove a plasterboard arch and it excelled at the task. It cut through plasterboard, metal edging and hardwood flooring with ease and the blade is no less sharp after several hours of use. The quick release system is very simple and secure and makes changing attachments easy. The variable speed control makes it flexible for all sort of jobs. The carry case is a nice addition and keeps everything in one place. For the price this can't be beaten

03 Nov 2020

8 /10

Good Value for the money spent
Good value easy to use

26 Aug 2020

10 /10

Good value
Good value and works great. Only issue to be aware of is that the sanding pads are 82mm and replacements were not easy to find. I ended up buying a pack of 93mm pads (readily available) which included a replacement block for that size. Also comes with a soft storage bag rather than a case. Apart from those things, it was well worth the money!!

15 Jan 2020

8 /10

Good multi tool
Good multi tool. Last one gave up. This one has a quick release, so no messing with Allen keys. Don't know on longevity, just got it. 2 year warranty.

01 May 2019

10 /10

Good piece of kit, good value
Bought one of these as I had seen multitools recommended by loads of people. Didn't want to spend the earth as I don't need to use it very often so I got this one and it does the job very well. Have used it to scrape tile adhesive of the walls and to cut into chipboard flooring to gain access for plumbing. Does these jobs well enough for the price and the tool attachments can be replaced with more expensive and durable ones as they all use the same mounting system.

14 Nov 2018

2 /10

Bad design
Purchased the item, took it back 3 days later the clamp for holding the blade is a very bad design it struggles to hold the blade in place the blades provided are rubbish and were blunt after the 1st use .

16 Feb 2018

10 /10

Not expensive but great item.
It may not be the most expensive you carry but it packs a mighty punch. Used during laying laminate flooring and it was ideal for cutting into door frames. Only issue was one of the blades snapped but that might have been me being to heavy handed. New blades are only a couple off pounds and widely available.